6 Reasons Why You Need A Website?

You may have once thought or asked yourself, “do I need a website?” “Why does a website need to be?” “Can I succeed in my business when I have a website?


1. Exposure

People will find out more about you and your company through your website. Having a website is like having an online portfolio, which is accessible to everyone on the Internet. Most importantly, you can start it at a small and inexpensive cost, rather than spending a lot on any printing, brochure and other costs.


2. Grow To Global Market

As a business, you have to face a lot of competition. You need to be constantly innovating and finding new markets. Your business website can help you take advantage of the Internet. From one part of the world, you can trade with customers and customers from the other side without having to walk a few steps from your computer.


3. More Customers

More than 3 billion Internet users, of which 20 million are Malaysians. Every Internet user uses the Internet for the purpose – intent to purchase, intent to search for information and more. When they search for services provided by your company, your website will be a place for them to access your company information – your services, products and contacts.


4. Communicating With Customers

It is possible that most of your customers use the Internet regularly for their educational, communications and business needs. They will be happy to find you on the Internet and interact with you through your website. Today people are easier to communicate through the web than by phone or email.


5. Compete With Your Competitors

Regardless of whether or not you should have a website, we believe that your competitors already have a website and are benefiting from doing business on the Internet. By owning a website, you will be competitive with your competitors and will be able to compete and possibly overcome them. This is your chance.


6. Save Time Using the FAQ

With a website, you can provide answers to frequently asked questions online and you can have your customers visit your own website. You can also email them a link to these pages. Your customers will appreciate the knowledge you will provide and it will not require more time than emailing them or recommending that they read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


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