5 Google Ads Campaign Mistakes

It is not strange anymore that almost all e-commerce businesses use Google Adwords advertising services to market their business. Although the campaign that was run was arguably successful with a large number of conversions and sufficient income. However, sometimes without realizing it, there are still many.

We want to highlight 5 mistakes commonly found in e-commerce business campaigns.


Ignores the value of choosing branded keywords for the product being sold

One of the biggest mistakes that e-commerce businesses often make is the lack of consideration for what customers intend to use certain keywords when performing searches. Keywords related to the product you offer (branded keywords) always have a better conversion value than general keywords which can sometimes be misleading. General keywords are usually used when a customer performs an initial search, whereas branded keywords are more targeted at customers who already know what they want. Indeed, the selection of keywords that generate conversions is not that simple. However, if you start working with branded keywords, then the chances of creating a profitable campaign will be even greater.


Forget the campaign immediately after setting up Google Shopping

One of the best ways to advertise for e-commerce businesses is through Google Shopping. You don’t need to optimize ad text, keywords, or other items that you usually do to compile an ad on Google Adwords. However, don’t because you don’t need the above optimization, then forget about the campaign as soon as your ad starts and hope everything will be alright. You still need to optimize with Google Shopping.


Some things that need to be optimized if you use Google Shopping:

  • Bid and budget settings
  • Negative keywords – review the search terms that are not irrelevant to your ad
  • Product grouping – group your products that help optimize the bid (bid)
  • Data feed


Do not double check ad scheduling

Why is having an e-commerce business so much more lucrative than a retail store? You can sell products to anyone at any time. However, this can actually be seen as a challenge. Because not all customers have the desire to shop the same in one day. For some products, there are customers who do research during the day and buy them at night at home. There are also customers who are researching and making purchase transactions at the same time. From there you can certainly see how important the timing of an advertisement is. Therefore, you must always check back on the schedule that you have compiled to improve the performance of Adwords ads that are more profitable for you.


Doesn’t optimize your Geographical Targeting

Just because your e-commerce service ships across the archipelago doesn’t mean you have to advertise everywhere. You should better monitor and see which locations are bringing in the most conversions. That’s where you need to focus your campaign. Thus you will save more on the cost of advertising, but still get big results.


Depend on one main Adwords feature too much and don’t try other features

Campaigning for e-commerce through Google Adwords is no longer just advertising by choosing the right keywords and eye-catching copywriting. If you want to keep competing with your competitors, you must also dare to experiment with other features of Adwords. You can try Search Remarketing, Google Shopping, Dynamic Display Remarketing, ad extensions, and many others.


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