4 Tactics to Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing

Marketing has changed over the years from printed ads in newspapers to TV commercials, and now, it is digitalized. Digital Marketing may seem terrifying for people who are new to the whole concept and idea. Therefore, this list offers new entrepreneurs and startups with digital marketing tactics and strategies to jumpstart your digital marketing company Malaysia.



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the critical elements of digital marketing. Still, it could be complicated for businesses which are new to the concept. Although Google’s algorithm might be confusing, sometimes, it works better once you work more with the concept through time. One of the new SEO strategies is the new HTTPS requirements. If you used to use HTTP pages, you are suggested to switch to an HTTPS format due to issues of security, or “non-secure” in many HTTP pages. Thus, you do not want your website to be deemed as “non-secure” by Google, which has an impact on the placement of your site in the search engine.

Of course, it is always the best idea to contact experts in SEO and digital marketing to help you create content, web designs and successfully market your product online.



SEM (Search Engine Marketing), on the other hand, is one of the methods to internet marketing where you increase your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) or visibility on the internet via paid advertising. Google Ads is the leading platform businesses go to for SEM. Google Search Ads Malaysia can be easy to navigate through its attention to customization, including types of ads; graphic display ads, Youtube Ads Malaysia, text-based search ads or in-app mobile ads, as well as have the capability to localize ads which can increase the effectiveness of your SEM.

It is better to get some help from experts who have worked with Google Ads Malaysia and search or display ads to best and effectively promote your business according to your targeted customers.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a marketing approach which focuses on creating and distributing consistent, valuable and relevant content which can attract targeted audience and drive consumers’ actions. SEO and SEM tactics surely can boost the visibility of your products when done the correct way. However, the critical aspect which drives the audience motivation to buy what you sell is the content itself. Several content marketing strategies which are popular right now are mobile content, influencer marketing and marketing automation. All three have their distinctive features which could help your marketing plan stand out from other competitors and should be used according to your target customers and business style.


Social Media Marketing

Now posting content on social media is easier than ever. However, the hard part is how do you get people to engage actively and share your content and promote your business through social media? Several cooperative features need to be applied to reel in today’s social media audiences. These features can help your business get the social media leverage that your company needs. This includes automation in posting contents to market your products or services where it suits what the audiences are looking for. Moreover, influencer marketing is useful as they can attract their followers and fans to try out your products and services.


Final Words

There is an abundance of digital marketing strategies out there which you can try. Listed above are some tactics and pointers for you to take note and focus on, especially in the competitive digital landscape today.


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