4 Surprising SEO Marketing Tactics That Works

4 Surprising SEO Marketing Tactics That Works

Does it seem that the pace at which SEO techniques (and their efficiency) are changing is on a steady incline? If it is the case, you’re not lonely. Google is becoming smarter and more efficient all the time—not just in terms of evaluating and recognising web pages, but also in terms of how successful it is to hold users within its system. In this post, we’ve broken down the 4 best SEO marketing strategies for 2021 to help you maintain and improve your organic search presence—including both simple and advanced SEO techniques.

1) In-depth, quality content of the site

Content marketing helps you to communicate your experience and insights with your audience. It’s a perfect way to help you build up your company as SEO expert Malaysia when bringing important traffic to your site. To start making content, you’re going to want to come up with topics and suggestions. You’ll want to stick to your industry-related subjects and use keyword analysis to ensure that you’re attracting the correct traffic to your site. Your keyword analysis will help you discover different issues that need to be discussed. These keywords will give you a starting point for producing useful content that your audience is searching for.

When you pick your subjects, you can choose the formats of content you want to use. Content comes in a number of ways, including videos, blogs, infographics, posts, and ebooks. You’re going to want to use a range of these types to ensure that the content is still new and exciting. You can start writing your content after you pick your format. If you don’t know what to do with your article or where to start, you can start a fast Google search. Google SEO Malaysia will allow you to see what other results are coming up for the subject.

You may also look at the “people also ask” segment to see what questions people are asking about the topic. It’s a perfect way to get the motivation to shape your content. When you produce content, you want to post it regularly and often. An successful SEO marketing technique includes constantly publishing content to boost traffic to the site. You’re still trying to get in front of your audience and get them to check out your business.

If you find your in-depth, quality content, the leads will stay on your site to absorb the details and take the next move with your company. This longer dwell would give a strong signal to Google that your site is important which is helpful—and will improve your rankings. Quality building is important to winning and retaining top rankings, and is a core component of your SEO marketing campaign.

2) Quick-loading website

83 percent of users want the website to load in three seconds or less—and if it doesn’t, they’ll quit. One of the most important components of SEO is the load time of your site. As users visit your site, they want to easily access your content. If your site is struggling to load, users can drop your site to a faster loading site.

These acts can lead to a rise in the bounce rate of your site. A high bounce rate gives a bad signal to Google that your website is not important to the user’s search query—and a slow-loading website can harm your SEO rankings. To keep this from occurring, you need to increase the load time of your site. You may use Google PageSpeed Insights to determine the current load speed of your site. This tool lets you understand whether your website loads fast enough on your desktop and mobile devices. If you need to change your site, Google can have advice about how to improve your site’s load time.

If you don’t know how to optimise the site or have little time to improve it, you should invest in SEO company Malaysia page speed services. We provide page speed services to help you make changes on your site that make it simpler for your website to load.

3) User-oriented design

User-oriented design is one of the most important elements of the SEO marketing campaign. When you raise your time on your site, it sends a good indication to Google that your website is important and useful to your audience. User-focused design can help you hold your audience interested longer on your site.

When you have a well-designed site that is convenient for your audience to access, they are more inclined to linger on your website. Your audience can quickly locate the details they need, which will keep them focused longer on your page. So, how can you build a good user experience on your site? The first move is to build a navigation structure that is convenient for your audience to use. People don’t want to compete to find details on your site. If it’s too hard to use your navigation bar, you’re going to risk missing the leads on your page. Making the navigation smoother by using wide headings. These wide headings would encourage you to organise a variety of categories below them, followed by subcategories. This company would make it easy for the audience to search the site and locate the details they need.

Another perfect approach to enhance user experience is to split up the text with images and headers. Headers help you break down the knowledge and make it easier for your audience to interpret or skim. In addition, images, illustrations and videos bring visual value to your document, making your content more engaging for your audience. This design elements are only a couple of the features that you can use to build a great user experience for your audience. By combining these aspects, you can help your audience have a good experience on your site and invest more time on your site.

4) Responsive design 

In addition to user-friendly design, responsive design is often part of the SEO marketing plan. Your audience would be able to reach your website from a number of platforms. You must guarantee that your website is installed correctly on all computers. Responsive design means that the website adapts to whatever platform the user requires. If your audience uses a mobile, tablet or desktop device, they’ll have a good experience on your site. Your website will be adapted to suit your computer as best as possible.

Each of these instruments has a different size of the screen. You wouldn’t like to see your site’s mobile version on your desktop, and vice versa. By incorporating responsive design, you can guarantee that your website adapts to every platform utilised by your audience. Responsive design would offer the audience a good user experience and make them content on your page. It will allow them to invest more time on your site, which will boost your SEO rating.


As we know, SEO is progressing rapidly. Competition owners and advertisers need to adjust rapidly, but it is also possible to offer the website a strategic advantage. Be sure you invest time on the basics of sound content creation and copywriting and keep up with technological developments as well as the effects of topics like backlinks, site pace and schema. There’s a lot to think, but note that you don’t need to become the world’s biggest SEO specialist immediately. Make an attempt to learn even the fundamentals of SEO, and you’ll see a major change in your website click-through rates, participation and, of course, rankings.


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