Top 3 Free, Must Use, Professional SEO Google Tools

Top 3 Free, Must Use, Professional SEO Google Tools

As an SEO, you certainly want to perform more things with less time. If it’s extracting all of the meta tags from a domain within minutes or finding all of the crawling problems of a website without manually checking each and every URL, resources have always become the salvation of the savvy marketers. SEO apps help you accomplish a series of activities as easily as possible and as close to perfection as you can. 

In this article, I’m going to present a collection of cool SEO resources that are either free to use or provide a freemium edition (meaning that you need to pay only if you wish to use extra features). These are the top 3 free technical Google software that you can certainly use! 

  1. Google PageSpeed Insight 

Is the quick website really so important? Yeah, that just depends on what you’re attempting to achieve. If you wish to find the website at the top of the search engine lists, this is a must. And if you want to please the guests better, it’s a smart plan, too. In other terms, you want the website to be as fast as possible.

How easily material loads on your website would have an effect on your rankings and how users engage with your platform. That’s why you need to guarantee that the website moves as fast as possible, at all times, to obtain optimum search results. With the Google PageSpeed Insights app, you never have to guess whether or not the site is up-to-date in terms of pace. Instead, it lets you get the website up and running quickly on all devices. Be sure to search both the desktop and smartphone tabs, since you want to make sure that any client form of your website is up to date. Google also gives suggestions about problems you need to repair. By bringing this knowledge to your core, you can find a few ways to speed up your site quickly.

  1. Trends in Google 

A strong method that is sometimes ignored by web advertisers, Google Trends will help you touch on issues that are common right now. In addition to discovering “Featured Insights,” you can also search for any subject or keyword that comes to mind. For eg, you might have a social networking blog. That’s why you’re going to want to keep up-to-date with the new and best, with respect to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Although the right column contains knowledge relevant to Zuckerberg, I want you to pay careful attention to the specifics in the left column of the keyword tool. 

With a collection of similar problems, you will easily come up with fresh suggestions for potential blog articles. Maybe you’re covering Mark Zuckerberg today, so you can focus on Elon Musk tomorrow. Google Trends does not necessarily have evidence that you can use to your benefit. Although, from an SEO viewpoint, it’s worth using keyword analysis in the search engine on a regular basis. You never know whether this can help you discover the one problem that drives a lot of traffic to your website. 

  1. Google Mobile-Friendly Research 

Do you realise that almost 60 percent of searches today come from mobile devices? Ten years earlier, it would have been impossible to imagine this day would arrive. It’s here, though. And, this is here to linger. As anyone involved in SEO, it’s important to consider the effect this could have on the results of your search engine. Google has made it explicit that the website should be smartphone friendly, but this is not something you should take lightly. 

Luckily, SEO company Malaysia is doing its best to make your life a little simpler. With the aid of the Google Mobile-Friendly Evaluation app, it just takes a few seconds to assess whether or not the website is mobile-friendly. If this evaluation fails on your website, do not lose another day before implementing the requisite adjustments. A mobile-friendly version of your site would make wonders about your search engine rankings, as well as the amount of organic traffic you receive. 

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter whether you do local SEO Malaysia or a national brand. It doesn’t matter what you’ve achieved in the past or what you’re planning to achieve in the future. The usage of one or more of these methods would certainly shift your approach to the better.

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