How To Optimize On Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization or commonly called SEO is the optimization of a website so that it can appear on the first page of Google, which can have the effect of increasing website visitors or traffic. SEO is divided into two main parts, namely on-page and off-page, and in this article, we will discuss on-page SEO. How do you do on-page SEO optimization? Here are some steps you can take.

Research Keywords

Determine the keywords you want to optimize on your website, of course, keywords with high traffic are a good choice. But don’t be too pushy because high traffic keywords certainly have a high level of difficulty too, specify keywords that are specific to the products or services you offer with moderate or low competition. Some of the tools you can use for Google and Moz keyword research.

Meta Description, Meta Title and Meta Keywords

After you determine the keywords to be used, we will proceed to the next step, namely creating a meta description, meta title and meta keywords.

Image Alt

On your website, of course, it contains an image or image, the image on your website must have an alt img and a title because the google bot can only read words not images, so the alt img and title are needed to describe your image.

Speed ​​Page Load

Your website page must have a loading time of under 10 seconds, the load time of this website is very influential on the bounce rate and drop off rate of your website. It could be that because your website has been open for a long time, your customers feel bored and leave the website.

The SEO tips above will be useful for those of you who want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization, to bring traffic to the website very effectively using SEO, because of course the traffic you get is FREE. In contrast to adwords which use CPC (Cost per Click) to bring in visitors.

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