Why less is more is THE approach for web design

Why less is more is THE approach for web design

Clutter is a web designer’s worst enemy. It makes a site look unprofessional, messy and inaccessible. That is why less is more when it comes to web design. To avoid losing visitors to your website design Malaysia, apply these tips to create a minimalistic website design that captivates potential customers’ attention.

  1. Get your head in the game

With the consistent development of designs and features of websites, It is easy for businesses to get carried away with utilizing various website designs. Some businesses even went too far and lost track of the main focus of their website: the content. Prioritization of content is the essentials in a website compared to any other elements. Therefore, make sure every element incorporated in the web design has a function and leads visitors to the content that the companies want to sell. Strip away unnecessary and distracting elements, but do not delete too much until relevant content gets lost. Of course, as the saying goes, balance is the key to success.

2. Use colours, but not ALL of them

Colour is a significant element which could draw customers in, especially when it is combined beautifully with meanings that match the company’s identity. However, it can also be distracting for customers to see every colour on the colour wheel on a website with no particular meaning except for ‘decoration purposes’. To practice the ‘less is more’ concept in designing websites, every action has to be purposeful and have meaning. One of the styles of a minimalistic website is to use a limited colour scheme. For example, using a monochromatic scheme with different shades of the same colour is a characteristic of a minimalistic design. 

3. Contrast the designs

High contrast is a go to for minimalist designs. It is effortless because it can direct viewers’ focus using simple design elements. The site will become more readable and direct costumes to crucial information or actions. It is possible to create a website with easy navigation and high efficiency even while being minimal and one of the tools to do that is implementing a high contrast. 

Of course, simple designs are always chosen over tough ones. Ironically, it is more complex to achieve a simple and minimal style web design Malaysia. There are many aspects that you need to take note of, such as typography, use of white space and colour scheme. These are contributing factors in indicating if your website has a simple and straightforward design, or not. A simple design is the key to achieve the primary purpose for your company’s website: It attracts customers and gives them an overall enjoyable experience, which would lead them to make buying decisions.

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