Why is Backlink Important to SEO?

Why is Backlink Important to SEO?

What is a backlink?

Backlinks are links that enter your site. It is also known by other terms such as inbound links. Backlinks are a good indicator of popularity or a barometer of the importance of a website.

Google really appreciates websites that have lots of good quality backlinks. Google considers websites with good backlinks as appropriate and more relevant, compared to others to appear in search queries.

How important is the backlink?

Search engines like Google will try to find out the relevance of keywords to the site and see the number of quality backlinks that lead back to that site.

The value of one backlink between other backlinks, the score is not the same. So besides quantity, what matters is the quality of the backlink. This is what makes a website relevant to search engines.

When there is a backlink pointing to your site and the content on that site is relevant to your own site, it will become a quality link. The key here is relevance. When content relevance is strong; backlink quality increases

Does the backlink raise the level of the website?

Google and other search engines, trying to improve the site ranking system. This tries to understand the value of natural links. It’s easy enough to manipulate links on web pages, so you can get a higher page rank in search results.

This is the main reason why these factors are embedded in search engine algorithms. Lately, many SEO experts and pro bloggers suddenly feel very anxious, after the search engine fiddling with their algorithm to punish webmasters who use cunning ways to have page rank.

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