What’s the Difference between Google Ads and SEO?

What’s the Difference between Google Ads and SEO?

Technology is never ending. Every time, there must be new technology that can be utilized by the world community. The innovations that are also presented are usually the latest versions of technologies that previously existed. One such innovation is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But that’s not all. There is also Google Ads which is an online advertising feature of technology giant Google. Both can bring positive benefits to the business. But what is the difference between Google Ads and SEO?

You could say, both are able to increase brand awareness for your business. But from the way of use and the results on the internet are different. There are those who need a much bigger effort and there are those who need to spend more money. What is the most striking difference? Besides that, which one is better to use? For answers to these two questions, consider the explanation below.


As one of the strategies in Digital Marketing, SEO is a mainstay of many businesses today. They realize that by doing website optimization with SEO, then they can get huge profits.

The main key of SEO is to optimize the website by creating content that matches keywords. This keyword selection should not be arbitrary. There are certain criteria in choosing keywords. From the content created and included in the website, internet users can find your website pages more easily.

Finally, from good SEO optimization, you can get higher website visitor traffic, increase brand awareness as well, and finally sales will also rise slowly.

To be able to get positive results from SEO, it takes time. It won’t work right away in a flash. There is a process that must be followed. But the results that will be obtained later, will be far more valuable to the company. In addition, SEO also works continuously. There is no word “stop” in this SEO optimization.

Google Ads

It’s time to enter into the explanation of Google Ads. Broadly speaking, Google Ads is an online advertising service created by Google. With Google Ads, you can advertise with the availability of ads in the Google Search Engine.

If you are looking for information on Google, for example “SEO Services”, then you will see various advertisements at the top of the first page of Google. There is the word Ad in front of each of these websites. Then it is an ad and it is Google Ads.

So, Google Ads focus on providing advertisements to internet users who are looking for a keyword in the Google Search Engine. If indeed these keywords match the ads that you are marketing, then your ad can appear there immediately.

Of course in terms of exposure, Google Ads is much bigger and faster. Without the need to linger like SEO, it’s already on the first page of Google. But to get this feature, of course, will not be able to in a long time. There’s a period of time your ads are there. Costs need to be incurred continuously in order to stay on the first page. So the cost is much greater, but in terms of exposure is much faster.

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