What negatively affects SEO of your website

What negatively affects SEO of your website

There are a number of considerations that may have a negative effect on the rank of the website.

(1) Poor coding

The Google bot has to crawl billions of websites a day. Each page of the site is made up of code until it is beautifully presented to the viewer on the browser. Google rewards clean coding, right tags and markups, so the Google bot will quickly figure out what a website is about and give it to a Google customer.

CMS website builders are inserting code into pages to enable non-professionals to create a website. WordPress is one of the easiest ones to keep this under wraps, but sadly plugins and themes will generate a lot of unintended lines. Googlebot must use all of this coding before it can comprehend the text.

(2) Upload times slow

Code and media have an effect on the pace of the website. Too much unnecessary coding can take time to download. Wide photographs and other media make the web sluggish. Google is looking to give its users answers, quick. Any website that takes a long time to download will be automatically penalized. Hold the valuable stuff at the end, so users don’t have to scroll to find answers.

(3) Mobile accessibility, please

Again, Google needs the best out there for its customers. When too many people search using smartphones or tablets, Google awards websites that are easy to read and view using smartphones or tablets.

(4) Weak maintenance

Dud links are ties that don’t lead anywhere. These links may be links inside your website or links from other pages (including Google) that have not been redirected. Google wants to see well-maintained websites so that users are not met by a 404 error message.

(5) Keyword stuffing up

Google penalizes websites that flood pages with keywords that it needs to rank. Pages, posts and papers should contain keywords, but never dominate keyword content. Do have others in mind.

(6) Recreate the content

I do see a lot of redundant content, so small companies don’t invest their time and resources into writing their websites properly. A big error, because Google can only rate one of the sites, so you’ll lose a lot of rank strength.

(7) Lousy content

Google likes web pages that are detailed, up-to-date and well written. They rate material that gives the user a clear description. There are no prizes for material that has just been buffeted to hit 600 words. Weak spelling and grammar can also have a negative impact, so be careful.

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