What is Marketing Automation and How Does it Work?

What is Marketing Automation and How Does it Work?

Marketing automation is a process that enables a business to let technology handle repetitive marketing tasks which will allow human power to focus more on developing effective and successful marketing strategies. This includes scheduled email sends and social media postings, determining winners of an online contest or promotion, enabling businesses to communicate one-to-one with a large number of customers in a customized and personalized way.

One of the benefits of marketing automation is it helps you understand your consumers. As marketing automation enables you to create customized marketing agency Malaysia strategies, it creates a richer interaction between the customers and you, thus, creating more profits. Additionally, it drives customers’ loyalty as consumers prefer personalized interactions which make them more likely to buy from the company again. Consumers value companies which treat them as individuals compared to a sea of potential generic customers.


Marketing automation is a type of software which eliminated repetitive tasks and assists you to build your brand, sell more products and boost your customers’ loyalty. You can easily set it up based on your target audience demographic, behaviours, preferences and purchase history, thus targeting the right customer at the right time.

How it Works

Marketing automation depends on information from each time someone subscribes to your newsletter, buy something from your store or click on your ads. All of these actions provide valuable data where the automation will provide a holistic view with your audience as a whole such as their demographic, how they interact with your ads and contents as well as many other insights which are valuable for your marketing strategy.

Browser cookies can also be used to track the behaviour of users on your website and record what they do and buy or where they go. Then you will feed the system with several pieces of information to carry out the digital marketing agency KL to your target consumers. This information includes the messages you want to send to which type of users as well as the circumstances that should trigger a send to the targeted audience.

Successful and effective marketing automation will send your potential consumers valuable content right at the time when there is the highest chance for them to make a buying decision.

Final word

Hopefully, this article provides you with a basic introduction to what marketing automation means and how it can perform a vital role in helping you promote your business online. Most importantly, marketing automation will tremendously help you in attracting new customers and selling products by increasing motivation for them to make the buying decision.

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