What are the Link Building Technique to be avoided?

What are the Link Building Technique to be avoided?

One of the important factors to increase your search engine rating is by backlinks. However, there are several methods that others use but are completely detrimental to the SEO and the website in general.

Here are four connection building strategies that should be avoided. Also, stop any SEO companies that use these 4 strategies.

  1. Spamming The Feedback Forum

It’s a good thing that you respond 24/7 to the comments section of your blog or post, since this will improve your reputation. But stop spamming the comment section with links that could be perceived as worthless and meaningless to readers and web users. If you’re reading your blog, it’s a strong demonstration that your writing is insightful and entertaining. However, if you manage to bombard them with links that aren’t even related to each other, the ranking of your website will be greatly impacted. It is better to publish a single connection to make it successful and coherent for readers.

  1. Use the Forum Profile Link

Broadly speaking, forum profile links are another form of backlinking that can somehow create contact with web users. For eg, when answering a question or survey on an online forum with a follow-up signature, it is reasonable to include a backlink in the signature. However, if you spam it with several backlinks, your profile can be listed as a spam spot.

  1. Suspicious networking link

Unexpected high bounce rates will happen on your website, and this could be attributable to incorrectly connected networks. It typically occurs when a web owner buys an obsolete domain, and cross-links the domains to raise the rank of both sites. As Google’s algorithm adjusts periodically with a high bounce rate, Google will be able to spot it automatically and will definitely penalize the site.

  1. Release of the public

There are details or material published by the press across various web channels. It was really popular back then, and it was used by many websites. However, search engines were found inefficient and downgraded in 2014. Google also suggested that news releases could not be pursued because they were more ads and not a valid source of information for users. If you’re looking to create a strategic backlink, best consult the key source of details, since using press releases is all about brand recognition and advertisement. Know, if the customer would not find it insightful and credible, it will be worthless, and might jeopardize your rating.


Eric Lau