What are the Characteristics of a Keyword in SEO 2021?

What are the Characteristics of a Keyword in SEO 2021?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one part of digital marketing and has great potential to increase business quality. Nowadays, more and more business people are aware that with SEO, they can get brand awareness, increase traffic on the website, and increase sales as well. But to be able to achieve these final goals, a great deal of effort must be given. In SEO itself, you must be able to maximize keywords or keywords. Actually how are the characteristics of a keyword in SEO?

Keywords in SEO do play an important role. Without keywords, SEO strategies cannot be applied. But actually not only requires keywords. You also need to have a quality website and informative content. With a combination of the three, SEO optimization for your business can work well.

To be able to get keywords in SEO, of course, it takes more effort, As you know, keywords in SEO that will help your website pages found on Google Search Engine. Why can it be easily found? Because the keywords used are often searched on Google too.

In choosing keywords in SEO itself, there are several things that must be considered. That also makes the characteristics of a keyword clearer. For a more complete explanation, see the explanation below.

Must Have Search Volume

In seeing the characteristics of a keyword in SEO, the first point that must be present is that it must have search volume. As explained above, keywords used for optimization really should be searched for frequently by internet users. That way, the pages of your website are much easier to find.

To see your own search volume, you can actually use tools like SEMrush or Ubersuggest. The data displayed is also more complete.

Has a Low Competition

Besides having to have search volume, a keyword in SEO must also have competition. In seeing the competition, you can search for these keywords on Google. Then check how many search results appear. That’s the competition you have to fight. Therefore, actually the lower the competition number means the more feasible it is to be optimized.

But if indeed you are ready to compete by creating quality content and can improve the website to SEO friendly, then please choose these keywords.

Following the Trend

In looking at keywords, you don’t forget to follow trends. By following the trend, it is certain that the search volume obtained is greater than usual. In addition, the content created can also be connected with your business. So when website visitors read the content created, it can still be directed to buy or get to know the products you sell. Quarter three money, you can still promote the product that is owned. This is why in the explanation above, it is necessary to create quality content so that the keywords that have been selected become more leverage in terms of results.

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