Top 2 ways to boost the SEO of your current contents

Top 2 ways to boost the SEO of your current contents

Quality content is the cornerstone of SEO quality. The more consistent you are with adding value-added content to your website, the better for SEO.

However, it’s not enough to post material. Otherwise, there will be no need for an SEO specialist or SEO specialist.

The job of these experts is to customize your search engine content. Ideally, SEO works should commence at the planning stage of content development. However, if you already have lots of content on your website, you should also take any action to boost SEO.

Here are 2 top ways to boost the SEO of your current content:

(1) Improving the click-through rate

And when your website appears on the first page of Google Search Results, not every search engine can click on it. Your click-through rate is an indicator of how many searchers really clicked on your website, which is one of the secrets of a digital marketing firm.

Needless to mention, the entire aim of SEO is to get more users to visit your website or website. So the overall aim is to improve the click-through rate.

Interestingly, this is also one of the considerations that Google addresses when rating your website in search results. So, how are you going to boost your CTR? There are several options to do this, but mostly aim to enhance the title tag and meta-description for the website. If necessary, put the keyword in the title tag to make it convenient for the reader.

The purpose of the page should be explicitly specified in the description in a maximum of 150 characters.

(2) Updating old content to gain traffic back

The substance of evergreen is a myth. A piece of content that consumers totally enjoyed two years ago will see virtually no traffic today. That’s going to happen all the time. Over time, the knowledge gets out of date.

Or often you only need to update the style or composition of the content to make it appropriate for today.

In most instances, you don’t have to rewrite the whole content. Only upgrading the old parts will be enough. In every event, upgrading your current content is a perfect way to improve your traffic.


Eric Lau