Tips to Increase Your Online Store Traffic

Tips to Increase Your Online Store Traffic

Tips to Increase Your Online Store Traffic – Having your own online shop website is indeed a matter of pride. You will be freer in creating and innovating to develop your business in a better direction. One way is by optimizing digital marketing strategies to bring in as many buyers as possible.

Before experimenting with social media or marketplace branding, make sure your online store website is well optimized. One sign that your website is well optimized is the amount of traffic and good leads. Has your website met your expectations for this?

How to Get Lots of Traffic to Online Stores

The flood of traffic for the new online shop is not an easy thing. Often online store owners mess around with the difficulty of optimizing SEO because Online Stores are not designed like blogs that can have lots of solid and informative content. It may actually impose dense and informative content on several pages or products, but if it is too forced, the appearance of an online store can not be eye catching.

Even so, you can still apply the following tips to get lots of online store traffic:

  1. Determine the Buyer Persona

The first important step, try to identify the characteristics of your buyer. The goal that will be achieved from this activity is to determine the right target market. Think about the things that make your buyers happy, sad, their basic character, their lifestyle, their activities, and so on.

When determining buyer personas, avoid determining target buyers that are too general, for example “mothers”, “teenagers”, or “millennials”. Make your buyer persona as specific as possible so that it will be easier for you to determine the initial steps to find potential buyers for your online store.

  1. Optimize SEO Points

Online Stores usually do not implement detailed SEO On Page strategies, such as using many targeted keywords in product descriptions. Even so, SEO points still need to be applied as well as possible without being too pushy.

  1. Take advantage of Social Media

Social media is a great platform to promote your online store. You can combine Facebook Pages for business, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. In addition to promoting products, you can also inform the location and operating hours of your online store. Don’t forget to also adjust your cover photo and profile photo according to your brand identity. Build and optimize your social media as well as possible.

One trick you can apply to your social media accounts is to use color tones that reflect your business. Create a cute feed display for your Instagram account. Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook are more suitable to be used as service and communication media for customers

  1. Make a Special Promotion

Promotion is one of the best ways to bring visitors to our website. Promotions given can be in the form of coupons or shopping vouchers for the first purchase or purchase of certain category products. With this promotion, you can simultaneously collect subscribers that can be used in your email marketing strategy.

  1. Email Marketing Strategy

Continued from point # 4, when subscribers have started to grow, take advantage of the list you have for your email marketing strategy. You can create weekly promotional content, share user experiences (testimonials), and provide product information with good copywriting lure.

  1. Marketplace Branding

Undoubtedly, the marketplace is often the main reference for potential customers to see products and prices. Therefore, don’t hesitate to open a branch of your online store in one or several marketplaces. In the profile section, provide a description of your online store’s products and brand.

While driving prospective buyers to your store is difficult because it is limited by marketplace policies, you can insert soft selling copy that entices consumers to find out more about your online store. It’s their curiosity that ultimately drives them to your website.

  1. Digital Advertising

Paid traffic? Why not! You can drive mature traffic to your website by taking advantage of paid advertising, be it Google Adwords or Facebook / Instagram Ads. With Adwords, those who search for your product on search engines will find it easier to find your online store. Whereas Facebook, with the right targeting, you will reach hundreds or millions of audiences who have an interest in your product.

  1. Affiliate Marketing / Reseller

You don’t have to work hard alone to get traffic and sales to your online store. By building affiliation, you invite affiliate marketers or resellers to promote your online store and increase sales directly. In exchange, you pay a commission for each sale they make. The thing to remember, if you use tip # 8, make sure you have prepared a mature scheme first.

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