Tips for Making SEO Friendly Permalinks

Tips for Making SEO Friendly Permalinks

Permalinks (permanent links) are links (URLs) that point to a web page. 

Permalink is also one of the elements that influences SEO optimization. Therefore you must make an SEO friendly permalink.

Here are 4 tips to make it:

Enter Keywords

Permalinks that contain keywords (keywords) can affect the ranking of your website on search engines.

For example when you do a search using certain keywords, Google will also display several web pages with permalinks that are related to the keywords you are using.

Example permalink: A web page that contains “online marketing services”, then you can make a permalink like “”.

Relevant to Content Topics

Creating permalinks that are relevant to the topic of content will get good ratings from Google. This indicates that the permalink is relevant to the topic of the content.

This will certainly help the website to be in a good position on Google search pages.

Note the Number of Words Used

The number of characters (letters) used when creating permalinks can also affect the position of the website on the search page.

A study conducted by Backlinko said, the number of characters in a permalink determines the position of 1 to 10 of a web page on a search engine (Google):

Use Lowercase Letters

When creating permalinks, you also need to use lowercase (lowercase), because there are certain servers, unable to respond to a website page that has a permalink structure with uppercase letters (uppercase).

This can cause the web page to not be found (404 errors).

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