Tips for a Successful SEO Article

Tips for a Successful SEO Article

SEO articles are articles written with the primary purpose to boost businesses visibility on Google using essential keywords. There are certain tips you should practice in writing articles for SEO to help increase the website’s chances to get better rankings.

  1. Keyword Research

There are many things to consider when using and inserting keywords into your SEO company Malaysia contents. The most crucial point is to know what phrases and keywords are people searching on search engines such as Google, and the number of times the keyword was sought monthly. The higher the search rate, the higher the competition for the keyword. Keywords which have hundreds or thousands of searches per month is highly competitive as many companies, especially huge ones, will use these keywords. On the other hand, longer or specific keywords have fewer searches and less competition. These keywords, or long tails, are often more specific to your business and attract relevant users to your site and contents. The best practice is to use relevant long tails which have about 10 to 50 search hits monthly.

  1. Write Valuable Content

The internet is full of junks and useless contents which frustrates users. Avoid producing these types of contents because it will surely decrease your SEO ranking. Instead, build and create contents which are of value, especially to your target audience. Keywords are essentially questions or queries that users need answers for. Thus make sure your content answers the keywords you use. This indicates that your content is of value and answers what the users are searching for. For example, creating how-to contents provide much useful information for your audience and attract their engagement with your business. Some research has to be done on your target market and the kind of person who will be reading your contents to learn what your audience wants to know. Know what type of contents suit the keywords too so that your content is catered depending on how far or close your site visitor is to making a buying decision.

  1. Write to the Perfect Length

SEO expert Malaysia has different opinions on the perfect length of any SEO content because of its various types which work differently according to the search engine algorithm. There is evidence of shorter contents achieving higher SEO ranking as well as more extended contents ranging from 1500 to 2000 words. This preference by the search engine, for example, Google’s algorithm changes over time. Thus, the best plan is to create contents ranging from 300 to 2000 words to increase the chances of your contents SEO ranking.


The best way to learn is always to start with practice. These tips will come in handy and serve as a checklist if you are a beginner in writing SEO articles. As you learn along the way, you’ll find out writing SEO articles is not as tough as it sounds, as long as your content is relevant, engaging and attracting new customers to the site.

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