This is the future of social media for marketing

This is the future of social media for marketing

Social media platforms have been booming through the years and have impacted businesses and changed the landscape of how brands promote and sell their products and services. The ever-changing nature of the platforms is fascinating to watch and analyse, and has always been an exciting and active topic of discussion for many scholars and business owners in the world. These are several predictions for social media marketing which businesses should be aware of and prepare for to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

Influencer marketing

Social media influencers are now the people to go for your brand to gain popularity on social media platforms. People with thousands of followers often collaborate with brands and convince their followers to subscribe to the brands and get paid in return for promoting these brands. Fortunately, small businesses and startups can also now engage with influencer marketing according to their targeted audience and marketing capability. There are big influencers with the topmost followed accounts, as well as micro and nano-influencers, which can better promote your products to your targeted demographics. Each of the influencers has its own critical points on how they can help your business marketing, be it small or big influencers. Small influencers, though they have fewer followers and smaller fanbase, have more engagement with their audience and charge significantly less than famous influencers. Overall, influencer marketing takes digital marketing agency KL to a new level with building trust and promoting businesses to the right audiences.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has on the rise for businesses to market their brands online. Nowadays, videos are more engaging than a simple image, and text-only contents are way behind. These videos provide businesses with a creative and engaging way to connect with a broader audience.

For example, the Instagram app offers multiple ways for companies to conduct video marketing, including live videos, IGTV and video posts. Each has its distinctive features, varied by video length, reach and nature. Video posts are under one minute, but autoplay to offer users who scroll a quick look into your products. IGTV also autoplay a part of the videos but provide a longer video for audiences to enjoy. Live streaming now is more popular than ever because of its ‘real-time’ feature. Viewers can watch their idols and celebrities live and interact with them, which creates a stronger bond and connection between influencers and their followers. Videos will continue to trend and increasingly used because it captivates more engagement and is more active than any other medium of advertising.

Higher demands for authentic (and personal) contents
With more and more products and services offered and introduced online, the competition seems tougher than ever, even when businesses practice the most top and recent trends of digital marketing company Malaysia. However, one sure way to win audiences, no matter what your digital marketing strategy, is to create authentic content that connects with your viewers on a personal level. One of the excellent methods to build this type of content is through active social listening as well as dedicating contents which runs parallel to relevant local and international conversations and trends. Several ways to incorporate these trends into your content is by optimising the use of hashtags and using your platform to promote your company’s stance which will attract audiences which hold similar values and engage them with your brand.

Final thoughts

These are some predictions by scholars and business owners of where social media marketing is headed next. However, exciting the future of SMM is, it is also very uncertain. However, looking forward can prepare us with innovative ideas of how digital marketing can be improved and used to promote brands in ways unimaginable to us now.

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