The Impacts of Social Media

The Impacts of Social Media

Digital marketers nowadays know how important social media has become for their digital marketing plans. The impact of social media is profound in promoting your products and services to the world.

1. Promote your brand

Social media marketing agency Malaysia has always been proven to promote business brands. As people like, share and comment on your contents, they get more and more used to your brand and are familiarized with it. Businesses that practice optimal digital and social media marketing, such as constant status updates and use of right hashtags experience an increase in their branding, which is secured even better through social media platforms compared to giant billboards or printed advertisements. 

Moreover, the best thing about social media marketing is that your customers are your best advertisers. Through word of mouth marketing (which will be elaborated later), your customers will attract new customers through retweets and shared posts. The reach of your brand exposure then will grow tenfold all across the internet and various social media platforms. 

2. Build loyal customers

A loyal fanbase of an influencer will be loyal to your brand as well if their idols promote it. This is one of the best impacts of social media so far in terms of how it can influence that purchasing decision. As you strengthen your contents and marketing strategy on social media, the more customers and audience you will reach. These audiences will be loyal to you as they see you build your content and credibility as time passes. There is also an element of trust because of the personalized characteristics of social media platforms. Also, it is a sort of positive domino effect. In contrast, time goes by, you will gain more loyal customers, and these loyal customers will then attract new customers who will become loyal to you. Social media then acts as a bridge and medium of connection between you and your customers.

3. Increase word of mouth advertising

Word of mouth advertising has always been proven to promote trust in a company’s brand because it comes from the previous real experiences of people with your products or services. Social media platforms provide a medium in which word of mouth advertising is sped up as never seen before. Great reviews, instant likes and shares and ‘viral’ contents often attract a lot of views and audience and create curiosity and excitement for people to try out new products and services. Therefore, the more likes and shares your business gets, the greater the opportunity for your content to reach your potential customers.

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