The Best Strategy for Online Business to Use Adwords Service? Or SEO Technique?

The Best Strategy for Online Business to Use Adwords Service? Or SEO Technique?

There are more and more enthusiasts in online business from year to year, this is due to the increasingly widespread development of the online world. The presence of various social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is a promotional event that can increase the percentage of profits you get.

Moreover, the trend of internet use is increasing every year, it can change a person’s perception to start switching / opening their own online business.

If that is the case, have you prepared yourself to enter the online business? If so, let’s start.

Paid Advertising Services on Google (Adwords)

If you are not familiar with the word “adwords”, try going to google and typing in any keywords. Then there will appear an ad display (usually ads from Google will be marked with the word ads) to distinguish it from websites that have indeed been SEO optimized so that they can occupy page 1.

Adwords itself is a paid advertising service created by Google so that someone can advertise their products and enter the search category on the first page according to the nominal bid issued.

There are 2 things that determine the position of your ad later, namely CPC bidding, namely how much nominal you want to pay for keywords targeted at the ad and Quality score is the value of the quality of the ad you make.

Pros of Using Adwords

  • Relatively faster results
  • Ads can appear at any time according to the advertisement period
  • Increase awareness of the brand / product
  • Competitive advertising costs
  • It must have entered page 1 of google

You can also customize the advertisements you want, but if you feel a little difficult you can try contacting digital marketing services to help you.

Keyword Optimization Using SEO Techniques

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is different from adwords, which can enter the first page of Google in an instant without the need to bother doing keyword optimization. Basically SEO is a technique to optimize a website both on-page and off-page so that it can be on the first page with certain keywords.

The SEO optimization process is somewhat uncertain because Google’s own algorithm will assess and rank the targeted keywords, so SEO optimization is an optimization process that takes time and belongs to the long-term category.

Pros of Using SEO

  • Can target multiple keywords
  • Optimization results last for a long time (long term)
  • Can be done without having to pay for advertising to Google
  • Increase traffic

Then Which Should Be Used? Adwords or SEO?

Basically, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the best strategy you can do to reach all of your potential customers is to combine the use of Adwords and SEO to get maximum results.

Why should both?

By using Adwords as well as SEO, it means that you have already mastered market share so that your online business will be marketed through the online world with a wider reach than using just one method.

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