The 4 Most Common Causes of Low Website Traffic

The 4 Most Common Causes of Low Website Traffic

Traffic on the site is certainly an important concern for those of you who use the website as a medium for monetization. Therefore, a decrease in impressions, clicks, or position on search pages—especially if it happens drastically—is bound to raise its own questions and concerns. Indeed, what can cause website traffic to drop?

Causes of Decreased Website Traffic

There are various causes for your website traffic to drop. Know and understand the full causes below.

  1. Search Engine Algorithm Changes

The cause of decreased website traffic is the most common. When search engines like Google update their latest algorithms, there is always a tendency for the entire website to be affected. The impact felt by web owners also varied—some benefited, some were harmed.

Algorithm changes are also not without reason. Google is constantly changing its algorithms to improve strategies and ensure its users get the most relevant and good results from every search.

To overcome this, here are some ways that are suggested by SEO experts.

  • Check Google Analytics data and compare current and past performance.
  • Avoid first relying on organic traffic. Instead, maximize social media marketing and various other marketing channels to get traffic back.
  • Make changes both in terms of on page and off page SEO.
  1. Competitor Performance Improved

There is a lot of content similar to yours scattered on the internet. This means that you have a lot of competitors competing to attract more visitors to their site thus providing a distinct commercial advantage.

How to check and fix it is very easy. You only need to see where your site and competitors have previously ranked when you search for certain keywords.

For more convincing results, use the mainstay keywords of your articles and content. If previously your website was in 3rd place and your competitors were 12th, then it became 15th and 3rd respectively, for example, then this is very likely to happen.

Click and do a review of competitor sites that managed to outperform your website. Pay attention to the quality of the content presented, keyword distribution, activities carried out on social media, and so on. After that, make improvements to your site to get back to the top of the rankings.

  1. There is Plagiarism

Duplicate content is the cause of decreased website traffic that often goes unnoticed. Neither you nor any other site does, both have the potential to not rank well in search results.

The delay in increasing website traffic is because search engines have difficulty determining which site is the original owner of the content. The search engines can’t even identify which sites should rank on the search page for that content.

If the website that fetches your content provides a reference (your link), then that has a good impact. But if it’s the other way around, then you can ask the site owner to stop and not re-publish it. Even as a prevention, you can use the services of an SEO master to conduct regular SEO audits.

  1. Site Not Mobile Friendly

In plain view, more internet users use smartphones than laptops for practical reasons. In fact, data on Think with Google shows that 79% of people prefer to open and share a website via a smartphone.

Google also prioritizes sites that are mobile-friendly to rank higher. Therefore, improve the web design and make adjustments to improve its performance. Use a hosting that offers large storage capacity and fix technical issues that cause slow site loading.

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