Terms In Adwords

Terms In Adwords

Google Adwords now really helps us in Digital Advertising with their products, namely the Google Display Network, Search Engine Marketing, Remarketing and Youtube Ads. Here are the terms commonly used in Adwords.

Impressions: The number of ads shown. Impressions will increase when your ad appears on Google searches or on websites in the Google network.

  • Every time your ad appears on Google search or on websites on the Google network, it will add up
  • In some cases, your ad will appear with only one line or only your business name
  • Sometimes some people call Impressions Impr.

Clicks: The number of people who click on your ad.

  • Clicks will be counted even if the user does not open your website, this could happen because of the slow internet connection of the user or the hosting of your website, you will see the difference between the number of clicks and your website sessions.
  • Clicks will help you to measure the success rate of your ad, the more attractive your ad will increase the number of clicks.
  • CTR (clickthrough rate), will help you to see how many users see and click on your ad. CTR can help you measure the success rate of a campaign. A good CTR for each campaign will definitely differ depending on your business. To increase CTR, you can create attractive ad text and choose the right keywords.

Daily Budget: The amount of costs that you specify that will be incurred each day for each advertising campaign.

  • The adwords system will display ads until your daily budget is up.
  • When your daily budget runs out, your ad will stop for that day.
  • Sometimes your daily budget is not used up or sometimes more, the Adwords system will help you manage your daily budget so that it is used optimally when your keywords are popular.

CPC (Cost Per Click) / PPC (Pay Per Click): The cost you specify for each ad you click on.

  • When someone clicks on your ad, the ad price will not exceed the CPC that you set.
  • The greater the CPC you set, the more likely your ad is in the top position.
  • You can choose Manual Bidding (you will choose the CPC price) or Automatic Bidding (Adwords will maximize your ad according to the Daily Budget you set earlier).

CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand Impression): The cost you will incur for 1,000 Impressions.

  • You will pay every 1,000 impressions, not per click. CPM is suitable for those of you who are concerned with brand awareness rather than clicks or traffic
  • When you set the Max. CPM then you will not pay more than the price you set.
  • The higher the Max. CPM then your ad impressions will be bigger and more frequent.
  • You can set Max. CPM for all AdGroups or on each placement

Keywords: The words that will describe the product or service you offer. Keywords will also determine when and where your ad will be displayed.

  • The keywords that you specify will be used to display ads, choose quality keywords related to the products or services you offer, to help you get new customers.
  • When someone searches on Google, your ad may appear if the search is related to keywords. Keywords also determine your ad will appear on any website based on relevance.
  • Choosing the right keywords will help the performance of your ad, help avoid expensive clicks and help improve ad rankings.

Landing Page: A website page that opens when someone clicks on your ad.

  • Each ad has its own landing page.
  • Rules from Google, Landing pages and Display URLs must have the same domain name.
  • Your landing page will determine the value of your Quality Score. Landing Page should be related to the keywords of the ad, easy to use by users and as many links.

Quality score: Estimate the value of your ads, keywords and landing page. Higher Quality score will help you get the lowest CPC price and the highest ad ranking

  • The components that determine the Quality Score are CTR, ad Relevance, Landing Page.
  • The more relevant the ad and landing page is, the higher the Quality Score will be (1-10). A high value will lower the CPC price

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