Selangor SME Digitalisation Matching Grant

Selangor SME Digitalisation Matching Grant

The Selangor State Government has allocated 50% matching grant or a maximum of RM5,000 to each SME to subscribe to designated digital service providers (DSP).

The RM5 million grant aims to help Selangor SMEs to digitalise their businesses in weathering the Covid-19 storm.

It is expected to benefit at least 1,000 Selangor SMEs who wish to digitalise their businesses.

The grant will be launched on 12 April 2021 (Monday) at 12pm.

The launching ceremony will also go live through our Sidec Official FB Page ( You may watch the live session wherever you are at your convenience.




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SME Eligible Criteria

  • Registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia
  • Business address or operation address registered in Selangor only
  • Required minimum RM100K annual sales turnover and not exceeding RM1 million
  • Must be at least 51% Owned by Malaysians
  • In operation for at least 1 year
  • Limited to one (1) application per company


Required Documents (Sdn Bhd)

  • Declaration form
  • Company profile from SSM
  • Audited financial statement (2020) OR latest 12-months management account OR latest 12-months Profit & Loss statement
  • Company’s bank statement for the last two (2) months
  • Business description
  • Proforma invoice/Invoice from authorised vendor listed by SIDEC


Grant Process Flow

  • Application – Open for SMEs/ DSPs to apply
  • Evaluation – Application reviewed by special evaluation committee
  • Approval – DSPs & SMEs will receive notification of approval via email
  • Activation – Digitalisation systems to be properly implement within 1 month
  • Proof of Activation – DSPs must provide proof of activation and report to SIDEC
  • Grant Release – Grant payment will be issued to DSPs’ account

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“Nuweb Sdn Bhd, is proud to be chosen SIDEC DSP (digital service providers) to provide digital marketing services including SEO, Google Ads, eCommerce and Web Design services for SMEs in Selangor to enjoy up to RM5,000 SME matching grant. Call 012-6963011 for more details.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I apply for the grant if my company has only been in operation for less than 1 year?
  • Can I apply for the grant if I have applied for the SME Business Digitalisation Grant (Penjana Initiative/MDEC)?
    Yes. However, we will prioritise SMEs that have never received any grants and have not subscribed to any digital system, while SMEs that already received grants will be given a lower priority.
  • If my company received a different grant from SMEBANK, SMECORP, MATRADE or others, am I eligible to apply?
    Yes. However, we will prioritise SMEs that have never received any grants.
  • If my contract with the DSP is for 2 years, can I apply for the grant based on the 2-year invoice?
    No. DSPs will need to separate the invoice to 1 year of service only.
  • If my company signs up for 2 years and payment milestones are made on a quarterly basis, will Sidec accept the application?
  • If my company has multiple businesses or brand names but is registered under 1 company, can I make multiple applications?
    No. Application can only be made for each company.
  • If my company runs different businesses with different company names but have the same board of directors, am I eligible to apply for the grant separately?
    Yes, because it’s from different companies and we review the application by company name.
  • If my company applies from multiple DSPs, do I have to make multiple applications?
    No. Just make 1 application and the solutions should not duplicate from 1 DSP to another.
  • If my company applies for up to 2 solutions, do I need to submit 2 applications?
    No. Only 1 application is needed with up to 3 solutions with the maximum RM5,000 per grant.
  • Can my company apply for software enhancements or upgrades?
  • Who shall apply for the grant?
    SMEs or DSPs can apply on behalf of SMEs.
    The precondition is that SMEs must be informed if DSPs apply on behalf of them.
  • If SMEs would like to pay the 50% payment to DSPs prior to approval from Sidec, is this possible?
    It is possible. However, SMEs and DSPs will need to take the risk if the application is not approved.
  • What happens if the SME or DSP decides to pull out or ceases operations during the engagement?
    Commercial arrangements are conducted between the SME and DSP. Therefore, under this situation, it will follow the terms and conditions in the legal agreement between the SME and DSP. Sidec will not take any responsibility for such situations.
  • Is it acceptable if the invoice is from a third party vendor?
    The programme is between SMEs and DSPs within the ecosystem. The invoice should be from the DSPs endorsed by Sidec only.
  • Will Sidec check on the digital system price list? If DSPs mark up the price with the intention to meet the maximum RM5,000 grant, how will Sidec act on this?
    If we find out that any DSPs marked up the price, they will be disqualified immediately.
  • What if the Software as a service (SaaS) package is inclusive of training or maintenance, will the grant cover it?
  • How do I apply for the grant?
    Interested SMEs can visit the following URL to apply:
  • Can I submit the application and supporting documents in hard copy to Sidec’s office?
    No. We will only receive applications which are submitted via the website.
  • Can I submit the application and supporting documents through email?
    No. We will only receive applications which are submitted via the website.
  • Can I apply for the grant if I applying SBDG Grant or my current project has been approved for SBDG Grant (Penjana/MDEC)?
    No. We do not allow applicants to apply for the grant under the same project where the project has applied or approved for SBDG Grant.
  • How do I apply for the grant application?
    Interested companies can visit the following URL to apply: from 15 April 2021, 12 pm to 31 Dec 2021,12pm.
  • How do I check my grant application status?
    The application takes 21 working days to be processed and you will be informed of your status via email. Please check your email including spam box.
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