Retargeting Ads? Don’t Forget to Apply SEO For Traffic

Retargeting Ads? Don’t Forget to Apply SEO For Traffic

Running a marketing strategy doesn’t always end smoothly. Especially when dealing with online advertising. There are just problems that can occur. One of them is the result of implementing a strategy that is not on target. For that, we need a solution to this problem by doing retargeting. What is retargeting?

For those who don’t know, retargeting is a form of online advertising that can help businesses. The result is to keep the brand in front of bounced traffic when website visitors leave your business website.

The main function of retargeting is to get more visitors to convert. According to the data, only 2% of website visitors convert. Means there are still 98% more who have not converted. To be able to make conversion numbers become bigger, retargeting is a step that must be done.

Retargeting usually focuses on ads or ads. But actually not only can retargeting ads, but also can use SEO. Yes, if you think that only ads can be reset so that you can get more conversions, you are wrong. The combination of ads and SEO can attract even greater traffic than before. The key is you know how to do both of them well.

For more details, see an explanation of retargeting ads and SEO in increasing conversions and traffic below.

Retargeting Ads

The main strategy in retargeting ads is to advertise your product to people who are already familiar with your business. To be able to do this, there is one point that must be kept in mind, which is making the right copywriting. Remember, you create ads to attract or persuade people who already know your business before.

For that, try to make more detailed copywriting ads without further ado. So immediately give a call to action in it rather than just explaining your business as usual.

In retargeting this ad, you must use a special code that is placed on the website. When visitors who have entered your website decide to enter again, they will be treated to advertisements that are made to do retargeting. So the ads that are displayed will be different from new visitors entering your website.

Combine with SEO

To be better in terms of retargeting results, then don’t forget to do a combination with SEO. With a combination of both, your business brand awareness is higher. In addition, in terms of traffic it is also better. More and more visitors enter your website.

Good SEO can also make conversions higher. This is what makes both must be done simultaneously if you really want to increase conversion.

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