Is SEO still useful for small enterprises in terms of time, effort and money?

Is SEO still useful for small enterprises in terms of time, effort and money?

In order to become more search engine friendly, SEO optimizes a website. It comprises a large number of fields, from keyword optimization to building links, and takes a long time to successfully implement. So SEO guidelines can and will change periodically with Google use complicated algorithms to rank websites. This means that if an algorithm update is released, the search engine classification of a website may vary. Those who optimize the use of SEO white hat technologies however, will see their website climb the ranks without the privilege being paid by Google.

PPC is the purchasing process of ads and sponsored links which are visible in the results pages of the search engine (SERPs). PPC depends on where ads are bought, but you are able to bid keywords in the Google search results when you purchase PPC ads on a search engine such as Google. The higher the price you apply for a keyword, the more likely the first page will appear. The PPC allows companies to communicate their message in a very short space of time to a large sector of the population. But running on a long-term basis can be quite costly.

Neither SEO nor PPC can ensure a front-page on Google, but both can help you to get in front of your audience when done correctly.

The effort made by SEO and PPC, the amount of money it costs and the time that it takes to find results vary. What is better for you depends on your current situation, budget and the type of business you are running.

(1) The price and time difference

The main advantage of PPC is that you can use several keywords to advertise on the search engines.

In minutes, you can enter multiple relevant keywords on the first page of the SERPs when running a PPC campaign. However the price will differ for each of these keywords. Therefore, a few pennies per click and a few dollars per click on a campaign may be spent. This approach is not light-hearted with regard to the budget

You’ll see that there’s a big difference when compared to organic SEO. Although it takes longer for an organic SEO camp to see results, SEMPO estimates 11 percent of advertising dollars are spent on organic search compared with 87 percent spent on PPC. This is 1 billion dollars for SEO and 10 billion dollars for PPC. Given the extent to which organic search can be more effective and the cost-effectiveness for marketing, this is almost always the best long-term option.

(2) More compliance with organic results

Investigations have shown that organic results are 8.5 times higher than those of PPC.

This is likely due to the gradual understanding of the difference between organic and paid results by search engine users and the recognition that organic results are usually most useful. The location of the ads may also contribute to the more likely clicking of organic results. There was a mistake (Researchers have proven that people hardly notice ads to the right of a screen, and so are more likely to click on those at the top of the organic results.)

However, PPC appears to be slightly better if we consider the conversion rates. Paying search results are 1.5x more likely than organic search to convert click throughs. This is probably because the advertiser optimized the landing page and the text.

However it is clear that organic search results still account for the largest percentage of clicks when looking at both sets of figures. So the logical choice is organic if you just want to decide between organic and PPC.

However a mix of PPC and organic marketing is often a better choice as SEO can take time to see results.

(3) When does it make more sense for PPC?

Although organic searching is the ideal choice for most small companies, spending money on PPC advertising is often worthwhile.

A PPC campaign, for instance, can help you quickly build brand consciousness if you have just launched a new company. In fact, PPC can again help to make people aware of this in a short time, if you have just launched a new product or special service.

PPC can also be activated and turned off on certain days of the week. You can ensure, for instance, that your ads are always shown on Tuesdays, if you run a restaurant company and offer Tuesdays discounts

If your business is good, you can increase your advertising budget to attract more customers at any time. You can also change your campaign budget at any time. If the cash flow is tight, you can also reduce your budget.

For companies that sell products rather than services, PPC is also better. For example, an SEO campaign is a better long-term option when you run a web design company or a content management agency. However a PPC strategy will make more sense if you are a company that sells TV satellite bundles or new gadgets.

Finally, you may wish to consider implementing a PPC campaign until a penalty is recovered if your site has been altered by an algorithm.

(4) SEO is it worth concluding?

Even if a successful SEO campaign takes longer, organic search still pays the price. There is much cheaper to invest in more clicks than PPC is made, and more confidence is placed in organic search results than PPC adverts. You won’t get a top ranking overnight, but your company can see many advantages in the long run.

Notice that the majority of companies benefit from the combination of PPC and organic search advertising. Each has its advantages, and you will both enjoy a wider website presence.

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