Innovative Ideas for Your SEO Content

Innovative Ideas for Your SEO Content

SEO contents are created with the primary goal of attracting search engine traffic to your website. Listed below are ten creative and innovative types of SEO contents which can increase your website’s search-ability and visibility.

  1. Product Pages: Products pages are the essentials to any e-retail website. A useful product page can function as both Pay Per Click (PPC) landing page as well as effective SEO content.
  1. Blog Columns: Blogging is one of the simplest ways to create regular and competent SEO Malaysia content. It is more engaging and has a higher chance to attract users to your website. Blogs are also flexible and can be used as a host to any of the contents mentioned next.
  1. Articles: There are countless types of articles out there, but generally, articles serve as information providers as well as entertainment for readers.
  1. Lists: A list content is similar to articles, but it is framed in a list, such as this article. The advantage of the list is that it makes pieces more accessible to be scanned and are more clickable in the search results due to its direct and straightforward format.
  1. Guides: A beginner’s guide explains in details about a particular concept, idea or object and is often a lengthy content. There are several prospects you can opt for, including posting a full guide on one webpage or post a summary and several pieces related to the topic in several pages.
  1. Videos: There are fewer videos on the internet compared to text-based content. Thus, it is easier to get higher SEO ranking when you create video contents. There are many types of video content which can help your business marketing, for example, how-to videos, event videos and live streams by influencers.
  1. Infographics: Infographics are large-format images that contain much information, in the form of graphs or charts about a specific subject, which can increase page views. However, infographics are often not as readable as text by search engines due to its image-format. Therefore, it is crucial for you to optimize the other parts of the page for SEO agency Malaysia when posting an infographic.
  1. Directories: A directory refers to a useful taxonomy of links to other websites or resources related to a given topic. For example, a company which sells IT products may create a directory for the address and contact information of its branch stores all over the country.

Final words

Listed above are some of the essential SEO contents, but it not limited to the ones mentioned. The possibilities are endless in creating SEO content because, at the end of the day, your main goal is to increase visibility and visits from internet users to your website.

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