Increase Conversion in Google Ads? Try These 3 Strategies

Increase Conversion in Google Ads? Try These 3 Strategies

Everyone wants a high conversion rate on Google Ads. Now talking about conversions, as advertisers on Google Ads, we only have two main missions:

  1. Increase the conversion rate
  2. Reducing the cost per conversion (cost-per-conversion)

These two things are the most important in Google Ads, the rest are secondary. How to achieve those 2 things? Okay, let’s go straight to the following 3 techniques to increase conversions in Google Ads:

  1. Use Remarketing as a tool for CRO

Retargeting your buyers or customers is the most effective strategy you can implement. Using a tracking code will help you find your potential buyers again.

Remarketing is an effective way to increase your CRO and helps you to convince visitors who previously had doubts about returning to your website. However, it should be remembered that this goal can only be achieved with really good conversion tracking tools. Not many people know this one method, even though this method can save you time and money.

When you choose to use remarketing, simply your ads that have been seen by many people will come back. This way, you can bring these people back to your website and increase the chances of your ad being clicked back on by them. In fact, they may even decide to buy your product.

  1. Test Your Landing Page Design

Whichever way you choose, no matter what method you use to increase traffic or run an ad campaign, you should test your landing page.

The design of your landing page will make a big difference in the conversion ratings of your ad. When your landing page conversions are high, you can maximize clicks and traffic. Instead of wasting a lot of money, this way you can see a continuous increase in your Google Ads conversions.

Every element on your landing page should be tested. For example, you can do a CTA test for placement, shape and color. Any changes made to the landing page can help you increase the conversion rate.

  1. Adjusting Ad Copy to Landing Page

If you want Google ad copy to generate lots of clicks, you’ll need to adapt it to your landing page. When you customize the ad copy with your landing page, the clicks you get will make a big impact and can increase your quality score.

Quality score is important, not only because it is a key indicator of the performance of your previous PPC campaign, but also because it is the best way to predict the performance of your next campaign.

Google uses a quality score to measure how effective and efficient your PPC campaign is. A high score means that your ad copy is relevant and interesting.

What’s more important is that a high Quality Score will reduce your advertising costs, even make your ad in a better position in search results and increase your Google Ads conversions.

Then, how do you customize the Ad copy and landing page? For example, if you’re running an ad for a “social media tracking tool,” then your landing page should be “social media tracking” or something similar to that.

Google Ads is the best way to quickly increase your website traffic. However, you should also find the best way to increase the conversion rate for these ads. You can use some of the tools above to increase the conversion rate.

If you want to maximize the performance of your Google Ads business but don’t have the time, expertise or resources to do so, you can try using our Google Ads services.

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