How To Use Google Ads Easily And Accurately

How To Use Google Ads Easily And Accurately

Having a business today makes you need to do a variety of conventional strategies technology-based in order to have maximum results. Especially for technology-based business strategies, actually it has been facilitated by the use of various features that can be used easily as well. One of them is by placing advertisements on Google Ads. For those who don’t know, Google provides space for businesses who want to advertise on their websites, including Google Search Engine. How to use Google Ads is also relatively easy as long as you can understand how to follow the tutorial. For those who are interested in using Google Ads for business promotion more optimally and broadly, in this article, everything is discussed in full and in detail.

Stages of How to Use Google Ads

To be able to use Google Ads yourself, is actually easy as long as you know and understand the various options and conditions requested by Google. For more details, see the steps below:

1. Open Google Ads

The first step that must be done is of course opening the Google Ads website. For the domain, it’s at After entering the website, you can start creating ads by looking for the Start Now button.

2. Must Have a Google Account

After clicking the Start Now button, you will be asked to register with a Google account. If you already have one, you can use it. But if not, you need to make it. In addition, you are also free to use your personal Google or business account.

3. Choose Goal from Your Ad

When you are signed in, then you will be asked to choose a goal or goal from the advertisements that are installed. There are three goals that you can choose one of them. The first goal is to contact your business by telephone to ask questions or order your product. For this goal selection, it is more suitable for businesses that often deal or talk long over the telephone.

Then the second goal is to visit a physical store that is owned. If you have a physical store and expect consumers to come there, such as restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, and so on, then choose the second goal. Finally, the third goal is to visit websites that are suitable for businesses with transaction systems that are more focused on the website. If indeed your business is so, then choose the third goal.

4. Determine the Location Range of Ads

Next you are asked to determine the location range for the ads that will be installed later. Google provides this feature so that you don’t get potential customers whose locations are too far from your business location. That way, your business becomes more centered and focused.

5. Select a Category

After that, you will be asked to choose several categories, such as the language used in the ad, business categories that can be filled in manually, and must enter the type of product being sold. For this type of product, you should choose who is the whiz of your business.

6. Prepare a Good Advertising Sentence

Next you are asked to make an ad sentence or copy. Later this sentence will be placed on the ad. You have to think of a good set of sentences. Don’t make it too long. Keep sentences short and have a good punchline. You can find out how to make good copies via the internet.

7. Enter Photos

After that, you are asked to enter a photo. But this option is considered optional.

8. Define Ad Budget

In placing advertisements on Google, you certainly have to pay a fee. Fortunately, you can determine your own ad budget according to Google’s requirements. If this is your first experience placing ads on Google, you should choose the small one first. As time goes by and your ad’s performance gets better, you can increase your budget.

9. Choose Payment Method

Finally, you are asked to choose a payment method. Can be via credit card or bank transfer. So for those who don’t have a credit card, can still advertise on Google.

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