How to Make Easy and Satisfying Landing Pages

How to Make Easy and Satisfying Landing Pages

What are landing pages?

Optimizing a business website involves a number of structured strategies, one of which is designing landing pages. You could say this is the “face” of the company as an initial impression in the minds of consumers. When defined, a landing page is a website page that the audience goes to after clicking on an ad. Previously, visitors might see ads on social media, Google Ads, email, or other platforms. The focus of a landing page doesn’t just stop at brand or product recognition but triggering conversions towards purchases, subscriptions, or other actions to increase profits.

Why should you implement a landing page strategy?

The importance of landing page strategy relates to the success of marketing activities. Through the landing page, visitors are directed to take certain actions according to predetermined targets. For example, to fill out forms, try free trials, to buy products.

To support this target, ideally, the landing page will display the information needed by the target audience as a solution to their problems. That way, the chances for them to take the action you are targeting can be even higher.

How to create landing pages that bring in leads

In the world of marketing, leads are individuals or organizations that have interacted with your business and have the potential to become customers or clients. In order to succeed in bringing in leads, designing a landing page has a trick. Come on, see below!

  1. Set conversion targets first

All businesses want to make a profit. However, the path to profit can differ according to each business model. For example, B2C businesses can directly direct their audience to purchase their products, whereas B2B companies tend to target visitors leaving their contacts.

Achieving transactions can be started in stages. For example, you can offer a free trial or provide a voucher. Things like that can encourage a desire for consumers to do business with you without being pushy.

  1. Understand your target audience

Who is your target audience? Before compiling a landing page, it’s a good idea to understand the target audience first. When you understand the target audience, you can find out what their needs, interests, and habits are. However, make sure that the audience profile has been detailed.

The target audience profile can include information about age, economic level, location, to lifestyle. Based on this knowledge, landing page designs and bids can be prepared according to themselves. For example, the target audience for housewives can be reached through advertisements on Facebook, then on the landing page an offer can be given in the form of a discount voucher.

  1. Create an outline landing page

An important step in how to create a landing page is to form an outline. Here, you can consider what are the important elements that need to be on the page. Of course, the landing page needs to have copywriting results using relevant keywords. Arrange the placement of each element so that it is pleasing to the eye and easy for the audience to understand.

  1. Include eye-catching visuals

Any website page is certainly not complete if it is not accompanied by attractive visuals. Visual aspects can be in the form of illustrations, pictures, videos, as well as colors according to brand identity. The combination of visuals and copywriting will later create an aesthetic impression that makes visitors comfortable looking at the page.

If you use web hosting, actually how to make a landing page on WordPress or other hosting providers is relatively easy. Because beginners can immediately take advantage of the templates and settings provided. The color and font of the writing can also be changed as needed. Just access the dashboard feature to manage your website.

  1. Compose an inviting CTA

Next, of course, you need to set up a call to action button so you can attract the audience to download the application, subscribe, or make a purchase. Make a CTA that invites the audience’s curiosity or interest, but it must be clear and unambiguous. Examples include “Try it free”, “Order now”, and “Read more”. The arrangement of these words is easy to understand, right?

If you have determined the copywriting for the CTA, embed it on the landing page with a striking color. For example, blue on a white background. It’s best if the CTA button is easy to find, but still, use a color scheme according to the brand.

  1. Don’t forget SEO optimization on the landing page

Of course, you want your landing page to appear in the top rankings of online search results, right? The key is SEO website optimization!

Based on your conversion goals, try targeting keywords that are still relevant. Then, insert those keywords when you create content for the landing page. However, remember, you don’t need to enter as many keywords as possible because it will actually be spamming.

In addition, don’t forget to also provide meta tags, which are descriptions of website pages that Google will read and identify. That way, Google can more easily recognize landing pages on your website and then rank them in their online search results.

  1. Perform A/B testing

A landing page consists of many supporting elements, starting from CTA buttons, words used, page themes and colors, visual content, and so on. Naturally, if you get confused about which element to use. Well, this is where A/B testing can be very helpful.

Sometimes also called split testing, A/B testing is a technique of comparing two versions of a digital asset to see which version brings better results. Landing pages are one of the digital assets in question.

Let’s say you and your team have created a CTA button, but are confused about where to place it on the landing page. With A/B testing, you can create two versions of a landing page; one version with the CTA button at the top, and another at the bottom. From here, it will be seen which landing page is more successful in bringing in customers.

  1. Evaluate your preview landing page

Next, finalize your landing page by viewing a preview before publication. Preview is a preview, namely the display of the landing page that will be seen by the audience. When viewing the preview, pay attention again to how each element forms the website page. Is the placement easy to understand? Did the words move the audience?

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