How to Increase Sales With Digital Marketing

How to Increase Sales With Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing How to increase sales sales, of course, we have to discuss on the marketers’ side, where the task or role of marketers is to bring traffic or visitors and after high traffic, the task is transferred to sales, where sales are required to properly handle customers to successfully close sales.

Thus, if you want to increase your turnover or sales, what you need to pay attention to is “how to bring in prospective buyers in your store” so that the more visitors, the more prospects for closing will occur. To get potential buyers or traffic, what needs to be managed is a marketing strategy.

What is a Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategy is one of your efforts in marketing a product or service so that someone can find out the brand you are selling. This series of activities has an important role in disseminating the information you sell and it would be better if you could do this marketing strategy with targeted or needy people.

5 Ways to Increase Targeted Sales and Easy to Use Digital Marketing Technology

Currently, the role of technology cannot be ignored, even though it looks simple, information technology has a huge influence on companies, or stores, in expanding the dissemination of information on their merchandise. Here are 5 marketing strategies that you can do to increase sales turnover and can last for a long time:

  1. Make Website With SEO Optimization

Websites are an important component in digital marketing, useful for building brands and increasing sales. Not only that, using the website as a marketing tool is what is required, because all visitors can be led to use the media. To lead visitors, SEO optimization is needed including backlinks, forums, social media and others so that your website can occupy the first page position on Google with targeted searches. for example if someone types in Google Search Engine with the keyword “selling cars” then the position of your website page is first, this is the impact of SEO activities.

  1. Add at least 1 product on the website, if not, at least 1 article of information every day

Given the regulations on Google Search Engine, the more articles and always updated, the easier it is to improve the quality of the website and its impact on the increasing traffic side. At least add 1 product every day, or if you don’t have a product to add, you can make an informational article regarding your merchandise. an example of an information article “5 ways to choose wooden watches in 2019”, if the product you are selling is a watch.

  1. Doing Promotions That Are Right On Target In Cyberspace

There are lots of tools or places for promotion that are very famous, including Google Ads (owned by Google), Youtube Ads (owned by Google), Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads. In these tools, you have special settings, where you can set which targets will read the ad. An example of the application is, when you set “selling poor cars” your ad will appear when someone types in the keyword otherwise the ad will not appear if the keyword entered is not the case.

  1. Follow Up Consumers Who Have Ordered Or Chat On Your Whatsapp

You can increase your sales on that side, even though the percentage is small but you are looking for the possibility of closing. The method is very easy, namely by providing offers, promos, or following up someone who has not paid the bill because the stock is limited for today or so on.

  1. Do not endorse to reduce costs, do more useful things such as finding partners to place articles on other websites

Using endors is very expensive, not only is it the weakness of endors, does not necessarily produce targeted buyers. You can search for websites that want to place backlinks, and promotional articles that you create, so that the website owner posts your articles. The benefits that you get from posting promotions on other websites is that you get targeted potential buyers, it’s easy to increase the quality on the Google engine because currently websites that are considered good by Google are websites that have collaborations with well-known websites.

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