How to improve SEO Game In The Next Decade

How to improve SEO Game In The Next Decade

What are the changes?

Trends for 2021 that have recently been proposed by a range of SEO industry analysts will change. The future for the whole sector is also changing. Some items will no longer be relevant, and others will be far more relevant than anticipated. Here are a few of them.

(1) Keyword Option Will continue to go forward

No sector is exclusive to the impacts of COVID-19, all micro-businesses and macro-businesses, and has suffered more harm than you might believe. Some keywords have already been lost in sight. For eg, no one’s been searching for construction and tourism lately because it’s not active now, and people would rather turn their focus to the economy and the constant update of the virus.

Analysis reveals a dramatic decline in the search in these sectors due to the pandemic. Food and wellbeing, on the other hand, see an amazing spike. In other words, potential advertisers will need to note that the needs of consumers are being updated and that past and outdated data are no longer important.

(2) Huge competition in quality content publishing

Quality advertising is also undefeated when it comes to the functionality of a successful Search Engine Optimization, and it is claimed that 91 percent of all advertisements are consumed for less than a second so they find it uninteresting to waste their time on it. When writing content online, it is important to make an interesting headline or title and a well-written article to create people’s attention and dedication.

Another report suggests that 71 per cent of the sample population disliked the fact that there were so many posts on the Internet that were only a bait to advertise their goods instead of posting the right facts.

Someone wants to read or engage a quality content post, because that’s the aim of discovering the internet, but if they see it as a trick to market someone’s company, they automatically stop reading and go to another web page. It’s started now and it’s going to be more successful in the future, where people spend much of their time on the internet, not only browsing, but watching entertainment videos, reading news, and so on. This is an opportunity to get the public’s attention, but it can only be achieved with excellent material.

(3) Voice Check The Latest Pattern

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) figures reveal that 31 percent of people use voice search while searching using smartphones, and this will eventually change over the next decade as the industry continues to expand. AI-based smart speakers have joined the industry, using a voice search feature for assistance and inquiry purposes, developed by tech firms such as Amazon. It is also important to be aware of the new technologies that are evolving in order to adapt it as a new SEO technique.

(4) Fast Website Loading Speed Is A Must

Loading pace is one of the main SEO developments in 2020. It’s about the pace at which the website loads content and responds to the user’s request. On the upheaval competition in the industry with millions of sites on the internet, users will often visit a website that has no loading time or only a second to load a web page. Statistics reveal that 40% of web users leave the site automatically if it takes three seconds to load.

However, the average loading time of the website is more than 10 seconds, so you are safe if you have a fast-loading website. Ordinary Internet users will only accept longer loading time, but as described earlier, the increase in voice search and AI will not tolerate this kind of efficiency. In other words, SEO experts who are unable to adjust and upgrade their method will miss a significant number of visitors.

(5) Content Entertaining and Interesting

Staying in quarantine is a new common occurrence this decade, and browsing the internet can make people’s attention much shorter because of the many chances they have to participate in. Working at home has never been more convenient, as it provides many perks, but not being able to concentrate is one of the downsides. For the time being, the optimal duration for posts is about 1,600 words or a seven-minute reading, and people are now losing confidence and momentum in reading lengthy articles. The odds are great that it will decrease to around five minutes in the immediate future.SEO experts should take note of this concept and ask writers to write engaging, rich information articles.

(6) Desktop machines are back on track

People loved being linked to the internet at the end of 2010, and the rapid growth of smartphones, tablets, and laptops offered comfort and fantastic opportunities to step up the game. However, people are now restricting their activity by sitting at home, and desktop machines are expected to be on top again. Until now, both SEO consultants are being recommended for improved smartphone optimization, which appears to improve over the next few years.


Eric Lau