How to Claim RM7,500 SEO Google Top 10 with SME Digital Grant?

How to Claim RM7,500 SEO Google Top 10 with SME Digital Grant?

Looking for Best SEO deals in Malaysia? Look no more else but here! We are MDEC TSP & SIDEC DSP that can help you claim RM7,500 each for SEO Google Top 10 Ranking services offer by Nuweb SEO Malaysia. Let’s find out how?

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How does it work to claim RM7,500 SEO Digital Grant?

Are you currently spending thousands of ringgit every month for Google Ads and now looking for alternative cost effective solution? Yes, as you know SEO organic ranking will usually give long lasting ROI and more worth trust worthy results compare to Google Ads, we have good news for you! We have more than 11 years seo hands-on experience and we have seo more than 300 websites and successfully rank mover 5,000 keywords to be appear on Google 1st page ranking! We are offering cost effective and results oriented seo services packages with from 20 keywords @ RM12,500 annually.

Nuweb is certified MDEC TSP (Technology Service Provider) that able to help you claim up to 50% of the SEO Services offered by us or up to RM5,000 per company on MDEC SME Digitalisation Grant. This SME Grant is worth RM500 million over 5 years for the first 100,000 SMEs in Malaysia.

To further support SME Digitalisation Grant offered by MDEC, Nuweb offer additional RM2,500 discounts for all our client that apply for SEO SME Digital Grant with us. Meaning to say, you will be able to enjoy RM7,500 discounts (RM5,000 from MDEC Grant + RM2,500 Special Discounts from Nuweb. You only need to pay RM5,000 for our RM12,500 SEO 20 keywords package.

Looking for more RM7,500 x 2 ? Yes…we can help you seo another 1 website or SEO extra 20 keywords! 

If you are a company based in Selangor or have a business address in Selangor, you are double lucky! We are DSP (Digital Service Provider) of SIDEC, who can help you make another claim of RM5,000 for SEO Services. But, it must be on different quotation. For example,  you can claim your SEO 20 keywords with MDEC Grant and claim SIDEC Grant for another 20 keywords or SEO for 2nd website. So, in total you can claim RM7,500 + RM7,500 = RM15,000 SEO SME Grant provided your company based in Selangor too ya, sound wonderful? SIDEC SME Grant Phase 2 just re-open on 1 August 2021, contact us @ +6012-696 3011 for details! ~ We can help you claim both MDEC and SIDEC SME Digital Grants!

For more details, please  visit and

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Thanks to Malaysia Government and Selangor Government for their kind subsidy of RM5,000 each for every company which has never happened before in our over 20 years experience in Digital Marketing Industry!

So, hurry up..this just happens once in the blue month and grab it as it is still available!  We are looking forward to helping you get more business and leads from Google!

Eric Lau