How Blogging Helps with SEO

How Blogging Helps with SEO

It’s easy to think about the common belief that blogging doesn’t work anymore.

But ask an SEO consultant, and they’ll actually tell you the contrary. Yeah, it’s true that the Internet sees more than 4 million new blog posts a day, but it doesn’t mean you can stop using this online marketing platform. There’s no way!

Currently, the need for blogging is much more critical and essential today. The only thing is, you’ve got to do things the right way. If you’re still not sure, read this post and see how blogging benefits SEO.

(1) Helps to build in-depth content

Blog posts are still a resource for most people when they need in-depth, research-based and analytical content. With the popularity of YouTube videos, more people would choose to watch rather than listen. But when they need specific information on something, they would also prefer to read a blog. That’s because reading helps absorb a nuanced topic with a lot of complexities more quickly than viewing.

(2) Helps to establish identity

In order to attract and keep the interest of your audience in a competitive market, your company needs to stand out. One perfect way to do so is to develop your brand identity. The SEO expert can help you recognize your brand from a distance of miles. Your company should have a voice of its own. This is where blogging is going. Blogging lets the company find a personal voice and helps boost public interaction. And you know how SEO engagement can help.

(3) Helps to maintain a client longer on your website

This is also another benefit of getting a frequently published blog post. If you add more posts to your blog, you can connect them to each other. Your digital marketing partner will help you with this. This will not only improve the time spent on the website, it will also build trust in the eyes of consumers, as they will find all the pertinent information in a detailed manner on the website. When consumers trust you more, so does Google!


Eric Lau