Grow your business with these web design tricks

Grow your business with these web design tricks

For a startup company, web design is an essential aspect which you should take importance on because it could tremendously help in increasing the visibility of your company. Practice these web design Malaysia tricks to grow your business exponentially.

Use Custom Typography

Text is an obligatory feature of every website typography, but websites have progressed past the initial stages of using Times New Roman, Arial and other basic stock fonts as a default option. Now, there is a crucial need to use unique typography in different segments in your website and make your textual content stand out and at the same time, represent your company’s identity.

You have various options on how to play with these unique fonts, such as incorporating it into your logo design or use it when you want to highlight specific content and information. Remember, you have the ultimate control and freedom to take advantage of the typography of your website design Malaysia and make sure it suits the purpose of your company.

Employ animated call for action

A call for action button is one of the most important features of a website. The button is an instruction to prompt potential customers for an immediate response, typically using imperative structures such as “find out more”, “call now” and “visit our website today”. However, nowadays, there’s an additional demand to animate the call for action on your website to make the feature stand out and effective.

Adding simple animation to your call for action could tremendously help you get customers’ responses. This includes micro-mini interaction such as clicking “Like” for a Facebook post or creating simple effects which could catch the readers’ eyes. This trick will increase the possibility of grabbing your consumers’ attention and prompting them to complete the call for action.

Utilize parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling has gained popularity in recent years due to its contribution to an effortless feel and easier navigation for a website page. The features that come with parallax scrolling include single page web designs, deeper scrolling of the website as well as interactive, eye-catching and engaging designs.

Keeping users to stay on your website is quite challenging, but parallax scrolling can enhance their experience by making it fun and hypnotic. Try to tell a story using parallax scrolling by taking your visitors through a timeline or an exciting storyline.


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