Factors Affecting Google Search Ranking

Factors Affecting Google Search Ranking

Important factors in SEO to be able to rank in search results will continue to change, it may be a little difficult to keep up with the latest developments. But if you want your website’s ranking to rise from the invisible to the top, then the following information is mandatory to know. The following are some of the factors that affect Google search rankings.

Factors Affecting Google Search Ranking

A well-optimized site will be able to get more traffic over time, meaning more leads that can lead to sales. Without SEO, potential customers will not be able to find your website, and all the hard work to create a website will be in vain.

In SEO, ranking will refer to the position of your content on the search engine results page (SERP). Rank 1 means that when people search for a particular keyword, your website page is the first result.

What is Google Searching for in SEO?

Google’s main goal is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Providing relevant search results is a big part of that. To be able to provide and meet the needs of these “relevant search results”, there are several factors that can affect a page or content in getting rankings, including:

  1. Safe and Accessible Website

Not surprisingly, the first SEO ranking factor will have to do with the right type of URL. In particular, URLs can be easily reached and crawled by Google bots. In other words, Google must be able to visit the URL and view the content of the page to understand what the page is about. HTTPS is not a factor in deciding whether or not to index a page, but Google’s John Mueller himself has tweeted that it is a “light ranking factor” as well as “having HTTPS is great for users.”

  1. Page Speed

Page speed is one of the SEO ranking factors that has been known for years. Google wants to improve the user experience on the website, with pages that load quickly, this can be achieved. Google announced an algorithm update that focuses on mobile page speed. If your site doesn’t load quickly on mobile devices, then it may be penalized.

  1. Mobile Friendliness

Today more people are using mobile than desktop to access websites, and that’s one of the reasons there is a change in the way Google ranks search results. A mobile-first Google will mean taking results from websites that are optimized for mobile first, rather than those aimed at desktop computers. If your website is not optimized for mobile the risk of getting a good ranking will be very low.

  1. Domain Age, URL and Authority

Authority becomes important. As you’ll see, this usually comes from a combination of good content and off-page SEO signals like links and social shares. And thanks to E-A-T, authority will be even more important. Likewise with URLs that have keywords and the age of a domain. All three are important factors.

  1. Optimized Content

Forms of optimization that you can do are the use of keywords in the title or sub-heading, the application of keywords that are not excessive so they don’t look spammy, the content of relevant content, as well as an attractive and targeted CTR. Do not miss the internal and external links that match your content.

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