Explanation of White Hat SEO Techniques that Google likes

Explanation of White Hat SEO Techniques that Google likes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part in today’s business world. Lots of potential can be obtained if you apply SEO strategies for each type of business that exists. Actually in SEO there are several techniques that can be run, namely White Hat, Gray Hat, and Black Hat. Of these three techniques, White Hat is the most recommended technique to do because it does not violate the rules at all alias honest. Google itself also prefers the White Hat technique compared to the other two.

In carrying out this technique, there are actually a number of points that can be used as a handle and should also be known by you. Starting from the definition to the advantages possessed by White Hat SEO. The following is a more complete explanation.

Definition of White Hat

Basically, White Hat is a SEO technique that has a focus for human presence in the internet world. This technique is indeed focused on making humans more comfortable in browsing the internet. In addition, as explained above, this technique does not violate the rules at all. That is, all the regulations that have been made on search engines like Google are certainly obeyed by this technique.

Basically there are several ways to use this technique, such as:

  • Perform keyword analysis
  • Make link building
  • Create content in the form of articles as well as others for human readers (not bots)

You could say the three ways above to be done in this technique. By making relevant content according to existing keyword analysis, the optimized website ranking can be ranked first or the first page of search engines.

White Hat excellence

White Hat has several advantages that you can feel in the process of using it. There are four advantages, namely:

  1. The cost is not too expensive. For many people, especially business people, reducing costs and earning as much income as possible is an important value. Fortunately, doing White Hat techniques, in terms of cost is not so expensive. Not as big as the other two techniques. Especially if you use this technique for a long period of time. Expenditures will be more pressing too. The result was also positive.
  2. By the rules. In doing optimization with SEO, of course there are rules that must be followed in order to get maximum results. Fortunately, this technique is definitely following the rules, according to Google itself. So on the way to use this technique, the results will look convincing. The credibility of your website is also more reliable.
  3. Has no risk. This technique is certainly 100% safe and has no risks. So you do not need to be afraid if there will be checks by the Google engine itself. Your website ranking is definitely still in a safe condition despite changes in the algorithm from Google.
  4. Long term investment. Implementation of this technique can provide consistent results to survive in the first search engine ranking or first page. So you definitely get a long-term investment in the journey to use this technique.

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