Do’s And Don’t Get About SEO

Do’s And Don’t Get About SEO

As competition in the industry continues to grow, more firms use unethical practices on their websites. This is one of the reasons that other websites can quickly rank in search engines and attract web traffic. Google will, however, penalize certain domains for breaching the guidelines.

Here are some of the things you’re not expected to do in your SEO.

(1) Do Not Buy Links

Link Building is a term used to describe the method of collecting backlinks from other websites. It is important in SEO as it influences the ranking of the website in the search engine. It is not easy to rate higher than your opponents, and it takes time to achieve favorable outcomes. That’s why other websites are spending massive sums of money to purchase ties and provide a black-hat SEO. These practices will kill your business website as they negatively affect your search engine ranking.

Buying links is very pricey. It is also easier for you to use your money to employ a reputable SEO agency to work on both on-page and off-page optimization, and to create backlinks naturally.

(2) Don’t make a Black-Hat SEO

Black-Hat SEO is an immoral technique used by webmasters to rate search engines automatically. That is deemed a breach of the rules of the search engine. Black-hat SEO involves all unacceptable link building techniques, such as secret connections, link exploitation, link schemes, and link farms.

Managing a website isn’t as straightforward as selling a product or service. It needs time and commitment to optimize the website. It’s also difficult to find a reputable SEO agency. This is one of the reasons why some corporations are buying ties and doing SEO black hats.

To guide you in locating a professional SEO agency, please take note of the following:

(3) Do a thorough investigation

If you are a new company owner and want to find a well-founded SEO, extend your analysis and explore other choices for choosing the right firm. Not every organization has the full tools and applications to have a well-optimized website, and others are unable to sustain a lengthy contract duration to handle it.

(4) Do Phase of Litigation

This will encourage you to sample their service before you sign a relationship. It’s a perfect way to test what they can do and sell you on your website.

If you’re ambitious and want to do your own SEO, here are the things you should do as a web owner:

  • On-Page Optimization – generating quality content, improving your Meta and header tags, arranging the website layout and adding a blog page to your website are just some of the items you might do. Also, don’t forget the ‘call to action’ feature.
  • Create Citations – you can apply your business documents such as company name, address and telephone number to free web directories such as YellowPages, Yelp and Foursquare. It will improve your search engine ranking, particularly useful if you want to rank in local search, and get more people to hear about your business. This will also allow search engines to check your website and improve the reliability of your brand.
  • Social Networking Presence – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest will help you create brand recognition and communicate with your customers. Posts on these social platforms will draw new buyers and generate web traffic on a daily basis. Youtube is also another fantastic forum for making videos or partnering with influencers to support your brand.

Managing a website and optimizing it to achieve a successful search engine ranking is not as easy as it seems, particularly if you do not have prior experience and skills in search engine optimization. Both to DIY or to employ a trustworthy SEO Agency only remember not to succumb to dishonest activities such as the purchasing of SEO ties and black-hat.


Eric Lau