Discover The Importance of Heading Tags for Your SEO Success in 2021

Discover The Importance of Heading Tags for Your SEO Success in 2021

In optimizing on page SEO, there are many factors that you must pay attention to. Starting from the Title Tag to the Author of the article or content. One factor that is quite important is the heading tag. The importance of heading tags will be felt when the Google crawler robot tries to understand the intent of your content. So it is very important for optimizers to optimize this factor.

Usually the heading element will be commonly referred to as H1 to H6 depending on how much is in your content, this will indicate the heading of the content section. The order and position of headings is not too much of a concern with HTML DTD, you can just put H1 at the bottom of your webpage for UX’s sake, but if you make an article, it would be better if you made it sequentially from H1-H3 for example.

The Importance of Heading Tags for SEO Experts and Writers

When you see the SEO point of view, after the title tag, the heading tag can be the next focus, and may be the most important element of the entire content on your web page. Each muli heading element from H1 to the next element will introduce the content that follows it. Which will be able to identify the content that is underneath.

However, the importance of heading tags is considered a bit different by search engines. The higher the ranking of the heading tag element, the more important it is for search engines. Therefore optimization in H1 is considered very important.

One of the things recommended by Google is to only use H1 on your web page. It is suitable when applied on the pages of your product or service, so you can get a high ranking on the search results page.

Use of Heading Tags

Because of the importance of heading tags for your pages and content, using a good heading tag will be very helpful. You don’t need to use too many heading tags. Usually enough with one H1 that has been optimized with keywords and added with H2 and H3 which will show the contents of the page content.

One more thing you can do, use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which is designed to explain font size preferences according to elements such as H1 and so on.

Make a good H1

As already mentioned, search engines consider H1 as the most important heading tag element. Therefore it is very important to optimize this to be able to get optimal results. Some things you can do are:

  • Enter keywords

Keywords will be very useful in optimizing your H1. make sure your H1 has keywords in it. But don’t overdo it.

  • Word Count

Actually there are no specific rules for this, but make sure your H1 is not too long so it will look uncomfortable to read, or too concise so that there is no clear information from your H1.

  • Informative

Make sure your H1 contains things that are clear and can provide information about the contents of your content. Don’t let your H1 confuse the readers.


The importance of heading tags can be seen from how SEO, search engines, and visitors judge it. For SEO experts, heading tags are an important factor that must be optimized properly, for search engines heading tags can be one of the signals they need to rank content or pages, while for visitors heading tags can be used as a source of their information about what they will get when reading your article.

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