Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing, Which Is Better?

Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing, Which Is Better?

When faced with the choice to do product marketing, of course you are looking for the best medium so that the techniques can be done to hit the target correctly. Starting from advertising on billboards, newspapers, radio, and TV is often done in order to achieve as many targets as possible. However, now the term digital marketing is emerging or “digital marketing” so that marketing techniques that are not done online are dubbed as traditional marketing. The following are the differences between the two.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing or digital marketing is an attempt to market products through the internet network (online). As technology develops, more and more companies are using digital marketing as a strategy used to market their products. Some examples of mediums that are included in digital marketing techniques are websites, social media, online advertising, and email marketing.

The advantages of marketing products through digital marketing are more personal because advertisements or messages that are marketed directly about the targets that have been determined, namely internet users. In addition, marketers can more easily calculate how accurately the media used in marketing products. Another plus, digital marketing offers a more affordable cost, for example is Facebook which offers the cheapest CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) for all ads.

However, there are some disadvantages that digital marketing has. First, the target market must be people who are tech-savvy and active on social media, because if they don’t use technology, the advertised product will be useless. In addition, some internet users usually feel disturbed by the appearance of advertisements when they are accessing social media such as YouTube, therefore, create interesting and engaging advertisements, such as Gojek’s YouTube ads or Netflix’s social media which release serial joke content. or movies that air on Netflix.

Traditional Marketing

Just as the name suggests, this marketing technique uses “traditional” methods that usually use print media such as billboards, banners, flyers, or newspapers. Along with the times, traditional marketing has begun to penetrate into the world of electronics, such as radio and TV. Although it is called traditional, traditional marketing does not always use a long-winded and ineffective method.

Traditional marketing, of course, still has several advantages, including the broad target coverage and easy to understand audience, unlike digital marketing which sometimes confuses new users on the internet because it often appears in the form of pop-ups. In addition, if done correctly in a creative way, the impact can be more interesting than digital marketing. Some examples are the NüTea billboard (Jakarta, Indonesia) and the digital billboard at Piccadilly, London, which advertises British Airways.

However, there are some disadvantages of traditional marketing that make digital marketing superior, namely targets that cannot be addressed personally, because the advertisements displayed can be seen by everyone, such as billboards or newspapers. Then the inability to interact directly with the target audience is also an obstacle, because unlike digital marketing that can present a chatbot on a website or admin that manages social media accounts, advertisements that appear in print and electronic media only deliver unidirectional messages that cannot be responded to directly by the audience. Plus, the costs incurred may also be far higher than digital marketing, especially if you have to print flyers, billboards, and banners, or place advertisements in mass media.

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