Difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

Difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

SEO and SEM is not something new among online businesses. Both of them look exactly the same, but apparently there are some fundamental differences that distinguish between the two. It is undeniable that a word that looks the same is different. The difference between SEO and SEM is what makes some common people and new business people must understand the terms between the two. Moreover, these two terms are very big influences on the business that is being run on the internet. Therefore before you get deeper into the online business, you need to understand the difference between the two.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. While SEM is an abbreviation of Search Engine Marketing. Based on the abbreviation, it’s clear that the difference between SEO and SEM is big. However, this term difference is in fact not yet known by many parties. That is why these two terms need to be explained further. Here are the differences between the two:


Understanding becomes the main basis in distinguishing two things that look the same. By reviewing the meaning of both correctly the difference is clearly seen. SEO is the understanding of an advertising technique that places a website into a SERP position. SERP position is the exact and strategic position of search engine results. The keywords or keywords that are adjusted so that what is advertised can be the main search. While SEM is an advertising technique that tries to place a website in the first position of a search result.


The purpose of using SEO is to make keywords located in strategic places. That is when you are searching for a word, what appears is your website. But it is not certain that it is on the first page, because there are certain targets of SEO. Certainly a strategic place and has been calculated beforehand. For SEO, it has been targeted to position how different from SEM. Although SEM also has a goal for the same thing, it places it on the first page of the search.


The media used in the use of SEO and SEM are different. If by using SEO you don’t need to use special media. While SEM requires special media to optimize your website. You can use the services of a digital marketing agency for SEO problems. The search is also quite easy when compared to SEM. The many media that offer digital marketing services that need to be selected first. Therefore there are many who use SEO more than SEM for beginner online businesses.

Cost Optimization

SEO and SEM are indeed a means of optimization in website searches. Both use different methods, but the goal is almost the same. The cost of optimization using SEO is free, meaning that if you optimize using SEO, you will not incur any costs. There are many websites that offer optimization services. But if you optimize the website using SEM then you will need a fee. There are certain media that offer paid optimization. Indeed the results can not be doubted because it can indeed be on the first page of the search.

Advertised Object

Another striking difference is the difference in advertised objects. If in advertising SEO tends to the content of a website then SEM is different. SEO more optimizes an object through writing, so those of you who are trying to optimize writing can use SEO. But SEM is focused on product advertisers. Product offerings are advertised as attractive as possible so they can sell a lot. This is why SEM is paid because it aims to sell products, not just content. Not all SEMs are optimizing for products, but also in the form of writing. This means that SEO is only for writing but SEM is different, while SEM can be used for content and also products.

The difference between SEO and SEM above is a fundamental difference. You can use it to understand what an online business is. Online business requires website optimization because there are already many who run online businesses. Well, if you don’t do the fearing optimization later you can’t sell the product. Website optimization is a surefire way to get customers. As an online business person, you have to understand this. If you are still confused by the two terms above, you can ask the digital marketing service provider.

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