Creative Video Ideas for Your Digital Marketing

Creative Video Ideas for Your Digital Marketing

Today, video marketing is one of the top trends of online marketing agency Malaysia for many businesses across various platforms. These are several types of video ideas which you can create to engage with your audience and help promote your business.

Brand Video
Brand videos are videos that display your company’s top mission, goals and vision as well as the main products and services you offer. It aims to build awareness and recognition of your company to your online target audience.

Demo Video
These types of videos demonstrate how your products work and introduce to customers the features of your products and how it can be beneficial for them. Demo videos may include tests to show how your products are better than others in the market and convince customers to make the buying decision.

Event Video
Event videos are self-explanatory; it’s a video of a compilation, montage or quick look into the various events your company hosted. This may include fundraisers, conferences and exhibitions which will attract audiences who are interested in the same topic and area to find out more about your company and the products and services you offer.

Interviews with Experts
Interviews with experts on topics which are related to your brand will boost your company’s credibility and establish your credentials. People trust experts, and by associating experts with your brand, they will trust your company too.

How-To Video
How-to-videos are made in an instructional or step-by-step format to help your customers understand how to experience your products and services better. It also helps your sales and service teams to demonstrate the features of your products and how it could help potential customers in solving their problems.

Live streams
Live videos give your viewers a special look at the products and services your company offers. Nowadays, the trend is for social media influencers to conduct live videos and promote your products to your fanbase. This serves as a two-in-one successful marketing tactic as the influencers demonstrate how your products help them and convince their followers to buy what you sell too.

Final thoughts

Although video marketing may seem overwhelming at first, with some practice and perseverance, you can effectively produce high-quality videos which can boost your brand digital marketing company Malaysia. The types of videos above are engaging and will encourage your audience to share and spread it to others. Before you know it, orders and purchases will start pouring in. This is the best time to incorporate videos into your marketing strategy.

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