Black Hat SEO, SEO Practices You Must Always Avoid

Black Hat SEO, SEO Practices You Must Always Avoid

The technique used to do SEO has traditionally been divided into 2, there are white hat SEO and also black hat SEO. If white hat SEO is a clean and honest technique, black hat SEO is the opposite of it all.

Black hat SEO utilizes various unclean ways that will be considered a violation by search engines and will get a penalty which of course will harm your website.

The terms “white hat” and black hat “itself are taken from western films, which are used to distinguish the protagonist and antagonist. If black hat SEO is a technique that can bring harm, why are there so many SEO practitioners using it?

Easily, the black hat method is much easier to do and requires a much shorter time to increase the position of a website on search engines compared to the white hat method.

Black Hat SEO Technique

Some black hat SEO techniques that are often done are:

1. Keyword Stuffing

This technique is done by inserting keywords where they are not needed, which in fact has no use, making the content look of inferior quality and causing confusion to the readers.

2. Paid Backlinks / Buying Backlinks

Google itself has given a statement that every link that has the purpose to manipulate the ranking of a website on Google will be categorized as a violation.

3. Spam

As the name suggests, this technique is done by putting a link from your website in the comments column on other people’s blogs, Excessively.

With the presence of the Google Penguin Update, Google no longer gives weight to links in the comments column.

4. Link Farming

Link farming is a website or a collection of websites with the aim of building backlinks.

Websites that are made to do link farming usually have not quality content and have lots of outbound links from the website.

5. Private Blog Networks (PBN)

Similar to link farming, the concept of the technique is not much different, but the domain used in PBN is usually a domain that has high authority. Perpetrators will usually buy a domain that has expired, then revive it in order to provide a backlink on their main website.

6. Unqualified Content

In simple terms, content that is not quality is kinten which is absolutely useless to be read by readers, because the information conveyed certainly does not have quality.

Bad Impact of Black Hat SEO

1. Risk of Penalty

Black hat SEO often plays games and deceives search engines. But search engines also always make updates to fight this exploitation. So that any action that violates the search engine policy, sooner or later will be detected, and your website will be penalized.

2. Credibility Will Be Broken

Cheating techniques will certainly show the low credibility of a website. If your website is found to be using this poor technique, of course the credibility that you have built or are trying to build will simply be destroyed.

3. Low Return of Investment (ROI)

Even if your website is crowded with visitors in a short time, it does not mean you can immediately benefit. Black hat SEO will not be able to provide you organic visitors who will be loyal to your website. And every visitor who is brought in with the black hat technique will disappear quickly.

4. Waste time

Although black hat can make your website get a lot of visitors, to keep the position at the top requires more effort. Black hat itself has a short-term orientation, to maintain the results obtained will require a commitment of time and more resources. The threat to be hit by penalties will always overshadow your website.

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