Best 5 SEO Marketing Strategies for the Long Term in 2021

Best 5 SEO Marketing Strategies for the Long Term in 2021

The giant Google search engine always updates its algorithm regularly. Changes in the algorithm will certainly affect your marketing strategy, including marketing strategies in the use of SEO on your website. In response to this, it is time for you to be oriented to quality, fresh, and up-to-date content. So, what are some SEO marketing strategy tricks that you can do? Here we present a summary for you.

Always Update Content for Readers

The main purpose of a blog created is to present useful content for the readers. Unfortunately, for the sake of pursuing excellence in competition on page one of Google, many marketers often use unethical SEO strategies and forget the primary needs of readers. Also, don’t focus too much on off-page SEO on your website and forget about the needs of readers. Now is the time for you to return to the needs of your readers.

Content that is fresh, up-to-date and relevant to the topic you are discussing will be a treat for your readers, and of course, Google will appreciate your efforts. There have been many bloggers who prove that with quality content has helped them to survive on the first page of Google from time to time.

Integrate Your Website with Google Authorship

The main benefit gained from a website owner who integrates his website or blog with Google Authorship is Authorship Markup. You’ve certainly seen an author’s profile picture in search engine search results, right? Well, this is what is meant by Authorship Markup. Until now, there are not many website owners who use this feature. But according to the digital marketers of the world, using Authorship Markup is very good for long-term SEO marketing strategies, and can also increase the number of clicks to a web page, because readers consider it to be a review of credible figures.

Title Tag Optimization

Title tags have a magical role to make your articles more SEO-friendly. In any long-term SEO marketing strategy, title tags are considered very important. The following are some ways to optimize title tags that you can apply:

  • Contains keywords that are relevant to the article discussed;
  • Grammar is neat and not rigid; natural and easy to read;
  • Give your website’s name attribute as branding (can be easily set in the SEO plugin), for example “Easy Ways to Write SEO Friendly Articles

Use of Heading and Sub Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3)

Automatically, the content title will have a heading tag with an H1 identity. Whereas the sub heading or H2 tag is a tag as a subtitle marker in an article. You can add H3 tags to important points so that the structure of your website pages becomes more organized. You are advised to add relevant keywords in these tags, but do not force it. Too much force on keywords in headings and subheadings will make your content rigid and disrupt readers’ comfort in enjoying your content.

Set Permalink to Be More SEO-Friendly

As with titles and descriptions, managing URLs to be more optimized is also one of the SEO marketing strategies that you should never forget. By compiling the URL / permalink of your website with relevant keywords, then this will be preferred by search engines. There are several ways you can do to make permalink more SEO-friendly, including:

Permalinks contain targeted keywords;

The URL must be no more than 100 characters long;

The URL does not contain more than 3 sub categories (for example, business / online business / ecommerce. Note this point if you set your permalink with the format

Expand Related Content

One keyword can create several articles at once that have links between one and the other. You can use this trick to create internal links and also insert related articles between paragraphs of your article. If you apply this trick on your website, then you will be impressed to have an in-depth discussion of the topic. In addition, you can help your readers get useful content references in one of these topics.

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