Already Page 1 Google, Need to Continue SEO?

Already Page 1 Google, Need to Continue SEO?

So there is a kind of important question, after our website has reached the highest SEO ranking, then what should come out again to the cost of millions of rupiah per month just for SEO?

Because there is a sentence “just” people do see SEO costs are only an option, they better shift their spending to other marketing channels without the hassle of fighting over others to appear on the first page of the search engine.

Here are a few things to consider if you think things are “safe” when SEO has succeeded in bringing your website to the top 10 of Google:

  1. First When you are in a race, do you think about just stopping to take a breath after reaching the boss’s destination? You know right? If the answer is no, why is that? Because everyone understands that if you stop moving forward, those behind you are increasingly eager to get past you.If your competition continues to shop for SEO until you can displace your position, because they make you the top as the target. While thinking of quitting as SEO, competitors are actually preparing to double their capital for the “just SEO”, then referring to the line in the movie Chasing the Sun, “You don’t know what it’s like to be on top before it’s all gone”
  2. The question is if routine SEO shopping is marginalized and diverted to other marketing channels, doesn’t that show that your website isn’t producing any wisdom from the first position? Wisdom of progress and successful sales, to the point of eliminating costs for SEO? 
  3. Isn’t a more advanced company actually increasing its SEO costs so that they remain firmly at the top and see the arrogance of their competitors as a sign that the web is successful? 

    If you are already well known in the online world, often become a viral topic on social media, and create the best content to get first place in a search engine, and all without the need to play around with SEO, then you have the right to eliminate SEO costs.But if you start not with that kind of miracle, but with SEO’s only hard work, then continue the SEO. Missing out and being displaced from the first position after SEO’s hard work is more hurt, than those who get it because of viral talent.

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