5 Major Errors That Can Cause You Lose Visitors to the Website

5 Major Errors That Can Cause You Lose Visitors to the Website

“Getting consistent visitors to your site is not an easy task. There are many factors that play a role in your visitor engagement. Writing is also important for attracting visitors to keep reading on our blog. To this day, most businesses make these 5 mistakes that prevent visitors from coming to your site.”

  1. Social Media Not Included
    Social media plays a huge role in connecting your business to your website. Make sure you include your social media account once, especially in the contact section of the website. This will make it easier for visitors to view your social media accounts.
  2. Disruptive Home Page
    The homepage for a website plays an important role in gaining visitors. Avoid putting too much info to confuse visitors. Using too many different fonts and sizes can also confuse visitors and in turn influence the number of visitors to your site.
  3. You Do Not Use the “Call-to-Action” Button
    The call-to-action section of the website is very important in order to educate visitors to find out more. Examples of the most commonly used call-t0-action sections include learning more, book now, contact us and more. Websites that have call-to-action are more friendly to visitors to your site.
  4. Your Website Using Stock Photos
    The use of stock photos may be considered short-term, but not long-term. It will show that your business does not have clear authority. This is the time for you to invest some capital to make an original image for your business.
  5. Confusing Navigation Bar
    Some websites do not have user-friendly menus or navigation bars. Sometimes visitors find it difficult to find the menu bar for another page. Make sure every important page is displayed in the menu bar and footer bar.

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