5 creative ways to improve your website

5 creative ways to improve your website

These creative methods are foolproof ways to improve your website design company Malaysia and pull more visitors to your site.

1. Increase calls for action

Buttons which encourage customers’ responses are often taken for granted and are prosecuted poorly by many websites. Many businesses assume customers will contact them, but it’s never a simple task to achieve. One essential step to increase consumers engagement is by providing more calls to action on your website. This includes attaching social media “Like” or “Follow” buttons to your social media platforms, signing up for your company’s newsletter, or contacting you through a form. Ultimately your goal is to get potential customers to subscribe to your products and/or services.

Some tips for creating active calls for action are playing with colour variations and using imperative verbs to increase customers’ participation. For example, use phrases such as “follow us”, “call now”, “sign up” and “view deal”. Use colours purposefully and learn basic psychology of colour to match the meanings behind the colours used with the purposes and objectives of your business.

2. Insert social shares and follow buttons

Great content and offers are the main thing that engages consumers with your business. However, if you don’t allow your visitors to share your content, then it is tough for your company to grow and gain traction, especially if you are a startup. Social media traffic is very important these days to generate more people to come and engage with what you have to offer. 

Most sites use large and obvious social share buttons that might come off as needy, but it actually works. A small and discreet button does not help the customers to notice the feature. Moreover, if you already have a social share button which gets less traction, try double-checking its size. Even so, do not put too many buttons as it could paralyze your customers and make them indecisive. Choose a few buttons which are essential, simple and clickable.

3. Invent new and unique content

Sometimes, the key to attracting customers is simply unique and innovative contents that suit their needs and wants. One of the indicators of a successful enterprise is converting visitors to choose your products and/or services instead of what the competitors offer. Generally, many companies will opt for demos, new offers and items to attract customers. However, there are so many resources out there that your content might not even get through to the customers.

One crucial step is to create offers and services that are different, not widely available and if possible, one in a million. Quickly create one and promote it, then you’ll find new customers coming your way to enjoy a service and/or product that they could not get anywhere else.

If that gets too complicated, you can also uniquely design your website and stay away from typical template designs which are extensively used by other sites.

Any step you take, establish a website design Malaysia which is a step above your company to avoid your website being lost in a sea full of new, emerging businesses.

4. Ensure mobile optimization 

Optimizing your website for mobile use is very significant, especially at the current moment. It is quite evident for customers to have less probability of returning to a particular website if they have a hard time in navigating or accessing the site through their mobile phone. You need to customize your website design Malaysia according to your website’s visitors want and need. Make sure to test your site to avoid any lag, errors and incoherence in web design Malaysia when used in mobile phones.

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