4 Insider Secrets in Improving Web Designs

4 Insider Secrets in Improving Web Designs

1. Maintain interface consistency

One of the key features of an excellent UX is keeping the interface consistent throughout the entire website. The overall look of your site should match your main theme and is consistent with every feature, including typography, colours, navigation and writing style. However, make sure that the design is usable and functional first before making things consistent. If the design is consistent but not tested, you could face the risk of facing a persistent problem throughout your website.

2. Make way for white space

Using colours to lure customers in and help improve users’ experience is the goal of every website designer. However, every so often, some businesses make the mistake of using too many colours and do not recognize the value of white spaces. White space is one of the features of a minimalistic web design Malaysia. It looks clean and does not overwhelm consumers with too much information, which could confuse and drive them away. Visitors often do not want to be bombarded by many pop-ups, an array of visuals and various hues of colours. Instead, customers expect a clean design which could give them the right information on services and/or products and lead them to the right places where they can make their buying decisions. Thus, it is understandable that many website design Malaysia experts diligently use white spaces to improve their web designs.

3. Plan an easy-to-use navigation

Navigation is one of the primary methods of interaction between your business and potential customers. Good navigation is essential for every site to ensure your customers get what they are looking for and have a good experience when accessing your website. A general tip is to keep your top-level navigation limited to 7 choices which are clear, concise and familiar for your visitors. Additionally, practice the three-click-rule, which emphasizes that your customers shouldn’t have to click more than three times to get the information that they are looking for. A navigation option in the footer of your website could also tremendously improve users’ access to information and make it an overall positive experience.

4. Check for errors

Dead links and 404 error pages are not an enjoyable experience for any website visitor. This is why it is very important to check your website for errors. Ensure that all media are working too with no broken videos or images and be watchful of typos. These errors might seem trivial, but it could have a negative reflection on your website and your company. Furthermore, you can always stay open to feedback from other users and make improvements accordingly from time to time.

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