4 Big Reasons Why The Content Is Not Ranked

4 Big Reasons Why The Content Is Not Ranked

Reason 01: You’re facing so much competition

SEO is a big rivalry out there, and you can expect the effect of your rivals on your ranks. Check for the keyword you’re trying to rate. Who dominates the findings of the first page? Are there blogs like Wikipedia, Blog Post or Forums?

If so, you have a very slim chance to top these credible pages. Your website does not have the reputation and prestige to outperform them, so you would have a greater chance if you find companies close to your keyword rating, then all you have to do is produce better content and research what they can and cannot do as to your benefit.

How to solve it?

Build long-tail keywords with lower search volume and competitiveness, but better purpose will play a major role in increasing your rank and beating your competitors. For eg, it is not easy to rank high on the keyword ‘plumber,’ instead it will be better to use long-tail keywords like ‘how to repair overflowing sinks.’ Eventually, you would have better chances of winning new buyers and companies.

Reason 02: Your website may have some technical problems

From well-made keywords to technological problems that emerge, SEO has a real deal of trouble. These problems will prohibit you from reaching the target rating on the results page even though you have selected the correct keywords and written quality content posts.

  • Your website has not been indexed to Google (Type this in Google search: site: your-website-domain to see the number of pages indexed by Google). Send your indexing to the Google Search Console (GSC) if you have found zero.
  • Safe Site (HTTP instead of HTTPS)
  • No Robots.txt or wrong script
  • No Sitemap for XML
  • No title and definition of the Meta
  • No sensitive websites
  • Slow speed of loading
  • Duplicate the contents

How to solve it?

Connect to your website creator and see if your website has any of these problems, and then hold a round table conversation to address them. Prevention is still cheaper than treatment, and trying anew will cost you much more.


Reason 03: Your content isn’t good enough

Nothing may be more relevant and successful in ranking than an article with quality content, and if the two items discussed above have already been taken care of, then the quality of the content is the reason why you have stagnated in ranking. Quality material is the path to the top and the perfect tool to counteract the rivals. Look at pages that rank higher than you in the same area, can you write better content than they do?

Follow the E-A-T instruction to the Google Search Engine Results page.

  • Expertise: does the creator of the material have the right to be called a business expert? (your bio matters a lot here)
  • Authoritativeness: Is the content validated by research? Have you connected it to authoritative/relevant websites? It demonstrates that you have done your homework and that any argument you make is based on facts or analysis.
  • Trustworthiness: Is your website reliable? What’s with the author of the article?

If you can see, these variables are accumulated, which means that you can’t be an SEO specialist in just a few days. SEO and content marketing deliver results in months, and you cannot expect a website to be high on a result list with exclusive keywords in weeks. If the content is not good enough, it can take a long time, so if it is good, expect a good rating in a month.

How to solve it?

Take your time and spend in writing professional material and be accepted as an authority. Be frank with you about the content of your writing – not everybody can do it. If you feel like you can’t achieve the output you need, give it to the specialists.


Reason 04: Don’t have enough backlinks to your website

Finally, backlinks are not only backlinks, they are one of the holy grails of SEO. When anyone connects your website, it’s a positive representation of your content. It’s a credible and high-quality content for users to get information from, and search engines like it, a lot. But it’s not simple to retain backlinks, particularly if you’re just a beginner and not from high DA domains.

How to solve it?

There are a variety of choices to consider:

  • Guest blogging – Publish guest posts on high-level DA blogs. Most of these would allow you to put one or more links to your website in the material or in your profile.
  • Produce outstanding content – people connect quality articles and they are an excellent source.
  • Publish original research notes, white papers, info-graphics—any single piece of original research is widely cited and related in any field.
  • Write testimonials and engage in case analyses about the solutions you have used.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to four directions; there are so many ways to make a strong backlink. These are just the prerequisites, and the material must be the highest priority to be connected by anyone.

SEO is totally different and not as swift as Pay-Per-Click advertising, but it has the longest-term impact relative to others. The article you are writing today will deliver good results for months to come with just a small investment, since SEO is made to work as it should.

The trick is to be calm and reliable. Don’t just write as you feel that way, expect and focus on changes and user expectations. Establish a timeline and keep to it. And, of course, to publish quality material.

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Eric Lau