2020 Digital Marketing Trends Businesses Need to Know

2020 Digital Marketing Trends Businesses Need to Know

The idea of artificial intelligence, search engine optimization (SEO) and data-driven marketing was thought impossible. However, now, these features are essential to most businesses to promote their business online, especially in the year 2020. However, entrepreneurs need to have awareness of the rapidly evolving trends of digital marketing and make sure their marketing strategies adapt to these trends to remain competitive in today’s online race. Here are five digital marketing trends in 2020.

Instagram is the hotspot for attracting youths
The rise of Instagram as a social media platform with over one billion users has been impressive, and it continues to be the most rapidly growing social media platform out there. Therefore, Instagram is the site businesses should market in if their potential customers are the younger generations. The use of appropriate and engaging visual contents are essential for the site. Therefore, companies need to apply great tactics in visual marketing, including the use of colours, music and videos to promote their products and services. There are many features in the app for companies to invest in as well to gain potential customers, such as sponsored advertisements and shoppable tags in stories to help you boost the digital marketing company Malaysia of your company.

Customer Service via Chatbots
It is an increasingly common feature now for companies to choose artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as chatbots for customer service and receiving feedback from customers. Chatbot is a feature which allows the customers to communicate their problems, issues or feedback and assist in completing their goal effectively. Many chatbots now naturally interact with customers by using friendly phrases to engage customers. Frequently, this feature is located in chat windows which are easily accessible for the customers throughout the website.

There are many benefits of this feature for both business owners and their customers. This includes 24-hour service and instant responses to queries, save time and cost compared to other methods of customer service. Companies can also collect data insights over time to improve their services and keep track of customers’ demands and needs. Chatbots allow personalized yet focused interactions without being limited to human resources which will aid in the business expansion.

Audio-Visual is a must
Video marketing now is no longer an option for companies to promote their products because they need to get on board with it. Text-based marketing on social media cannot compete with the fast pace of technology and short attention by customers compared to the power of video. Now, people engage with smartphones for a significant amount of time every day, and they get so much information from so many applications, sites and media. Video marketing is highly engaging for consumers because it involves the audience and makes them more confident to make buying decisions. Moreover, live streaming of video marketing is a trend now where celebrities and social media influencers draw a huge audience to promote products in live sessions and interact directly with their followers. There are many other creative video marketing methods for companies to utilize to ensure full engagement and attraction of potential customers subscribing to their products and services.

Emails are now more personalized

Emails are still essential now to all for many uses such as personal, commercial, industrial, and academic purposes. Email marketing agency Malaysia has evolved in many ways over the years, and now generic emails are not as effective as it was before. There is a need for email marketing to be more personalized and specific to the products and services offered by businesses. Businesses also have to apply several steps to effectively market their goods in order to motivate action in customers, such as promoting a new product and creating follow up emails during promotional season or demonstration of products and ‘tried-and-tested’ reviews from others to convince potential customers to make that buying decision. It is important to not bombard the subscribers with multiple emails at the same time, so they do not unsubscribe from your emails. Giving space between emails sent will ensure the customers see your emails and are interested in what your company has to offer.

Final thoughts

Change is inevitable. Several exciting digital marketing trends include the use of video marketing, chatbots for customer services, Instagram app and personalized emails to attract potential customers. For digital marketers, change is an integral part of the job, and your task is to always look ahead and strive in new technologies, strategies and tools to attract engagement to the products and services your company offers.

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